Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A million dollar smile

Well, not a million, but over 4000, yikes! Alex got his braces off on Monday, doesn't he look handsome! He is starting High School at Higley High (Go Knights!) on Monday the 4th. He's taking French to get an easy A, Seminary to get more spiritual (yeahhh, right!), Ceramics to have an excuse to always have dirty finger nails, and English, Science and Math because he has to. I took him shopping this afternoon; OMGsh, who said boys were easier to shop for than girls! It has to be the right hat, the right pants, the right shoes, etc... And I'm completely lost when it comes to brand names (and I'm cheap, so if it ain't on the clearance rack at Ross's, it ain't happening!). Apparently, Old Navy and Gap (only on the clearance rack too, don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of Walmart and Target...on clearance) is no cool. I went to the school to get his schedule, and I guess it was uncool to ask where the snacks were (what? they said they'd have snacks and they didn't!). My parents embarrassed me plenty in my teenage years, so I'm trying to be so much cooler than they were....mmmyeah, not working so much so far...but I got a few years of practice on Alex before the other kids are embarrassed to be with me, great!

Before and After

Friday, July 25, 2008

Siesta Key, Fl

Turtle Beach a Siesta Key, le sable est blanc, la mer est chaude, ahhhh, le reve!
The sand is white, the water is hot, hmmmm, a dream!
There are no picx of me in a bathing suit, thank goodness!
Aucune photo effrayante de moi en maillot, n'ayez crainte!

3 Turtles from Arizona

7 Turtles from Arizona, but 1 is Belgian

Les Marquet-Inman, manque plus que les parents

Mickey Mouse of Arizona

Florida 2008

We spent 8 days in Florida with my brother and his family. We took the kids to Disneyworld, of course ,and Elly said it was the best day of her life. That's what I call a satisfied customer! It was hot and muggy, of course, as expected, but after AZ heat, who cares!

Nous avons ete en Floride pour y rejoindre mon frere et sa famille. On a evidemment ete a Disneyworld avec tous nos petitots. Elly a declare que c'etait le plus beau jour de sa vie! Il y faisait chaud et humide, mais bon, apres l'Arizona et sa chaleur, rien ne nous arrete!

Me too

So I'm on facebook, have had email for over 10 years and am now moving on to the blog thing! No promises that it will be updated frequently, but at least you'll see pictures.