Monday, February 25, 2013


So I got new shoes...
and a new camp trailer!!!! New adventures coming up soon on the Inman channel! Stay tuned.  We are trying it out on Spring Break...if you see it for sale on my driveway after that, you will then know that the experience wasn't that great, but I doubt it!
I think Tommy's friends are ready to go!

Do super heros wear glasses? If so, how does that work? 
And then Papy came and stole my pink hat!

So if he steals my hat, I will steal his mustache! 

and we get spoiled!


While Alex is serving the Lord, life goes on here in Queen Creek.

I still teach my student Grace once a week, we work hard on her French, as you can tell, I'm all serious when it comes to teaching.

Parent teacher conference is always fun when you have good grades, time to show off to Tommy, show him how it's done so that he's ready for next year.

Clean bill of health...y teeth is always a good thing too.

We had work to do to get the new bedroom ready for Papy and Granny. So Ikea was our  to go store. Did you know that all Ikeas look exactly the same all over the world! 

The new "brick" wall
The finish product: cutest guest room, always clean and so neat...might be my retreat when the rest of the house is messy

Catching up

I have been busy with my Elder's blog, and let mine down.  It's time to catch up a little.
Is it just me or has it been the colder winter EVER! I have been frozen for weeks, I am so ready for a little heat!!! So here is to January...
Warm pjs

I always like to warm up in front of the fire place, even if it's a fake one!
Warmsies footsies

Nicky earned his yellow and green belt like a pro!

Don't mess with him!

...and yes, I like to match my coat to his belt; fashion is everything for me!