Monday, October 29, 2012

And it's on again

It is that time of year again, the one that makes dentists happy. I think Halloween was invented by an extremely smart dentist anyway: best way to make sure he has customers all year.  Then Weight Watchers introduced the minis, you know, the mini Mars, mini Snickers, mini Butterfingers, mini M&Ms...they're so mini, it can only be mini calories! AH! I don't care, I'm still mini stealing them from my mini people in my house, feeding my mini belly.

We kicked off the season with Cortina's Fall Festival -why do we have to hide our true reason to party by calling it "Fall", in fear of hurting the feelings of the .001% of the population that likes to ruin it for all of us? It was a HALLOWEEN party people, call me a devil worshiper, go ahead!
Anyway, sorry, got off on the political over-correctness theme of our century!

Time to call the exterminator!

Caught Maddy briefly, just enough time to embarrass her and take her picture.
Then we had our annual Ward Party, which is at one of the parks in our neighborhood and attracts about 1,200 people!!!
Nicky aka Barny Fife and Tommy aka Captain Hook

Some cute/scary neighborhood friends.

And then it is time to trade...and from me to take the minis!

Now onto the real big day on Wednesday...more to come...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Just a couple of random things about my boys that I need to write down, so I don't forget.
Alex is playing stupid. For some reason, he put the laundry basket, the mesh kind that can collapse, over his body.  He got stuck and came down stairs asking for help to get out.  I didn't help, I was too busy laughing. And yes, this is my 19 year old, not my 6 year old!
Tommy had a canker sore.  He also like scrambled eggs: "Mom, my thorn really hurts when I eat tangled eggs".
I taught him how to say Pumpkin in French, it's "potiron", but he kept saying "petit con", which means little jerk!
The joys of motherhood! I'd like to dedicate this post to Reed, who made these possible :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

19, nnnnnnnnineteen

I have been a mother f or NINETEEN years! Can you believe that, 19 years, that is a lot of years to be a mommy! And guess what, I'll be a mom forever too! In 2 years, I will have been a mom longer than not, if that makes sense. However, I'm way to young to have a 19 year old, we all agree on that one!
Oh, yeah, this post is about Alex, not me, sorry!  He still got some presents for his b-day, even if his truck died a month ago and he got a new car, a GT something that makes a lot of noise and goes too fast (but we were looking at resale value in 3 months and that was the best we could get). 

And he was very excited about all his gifts...all 18 pairs of socks and 2 twin flat sheets, toothpaste, deodorant, floss and carmex, oh YEAH!!!

And here is Elder Inman, ready to go trick or treating I guess?

Friday, October 19, 2012


My brother in law's family have added a small member to their family over the last year.  That little addition to their home was a pure enjoyment for the members of my family.  Meet Roxy!
This is why we want to move up to Utah every time we go up; FALL!!!

Two little girls

Racing a dog that small is always fun because you can't lose!

She's a little bit spoiled, the dog that is!

Being so small, the best place to warm up is Alex's bum.

Now where do we find a little Roxy like that? She's a mix of many breeds that makes her so special...and I had no allergies whatsoever to her!!!  Reed still says no though :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

and then there is a reminder of who we are

Our annual Utah trip is coming to an end.  We still hadn't visited Temple Square yet.  One could think that we've been there done that so many time, that we wouldn't enjoy it as much. But we did, and the kids did too.
My sweet angels

We ate at Crown Burger two days in a row, so they gave the boys a job already.

We found our little Joselyn lost in Salt Lake, thinking she has to be all grown up going to school there!

A Japanese tour bus

Did you know they made the Visitor Center perfectly so that Ms. Giraffe can walk around and go tracking at all the TV houses?

Great Companions! I'd join the LDS church in a heart beat if these two were to knock on my door for sure!

More traditions.

 There are a few things we like to do while up in Utah.  The first one is Nickle Cade, all the games are a nickle, thus the clever name. I hadn't played pinball in about 15 years, I still rock, by the way!

Nicky's dream job! Jet fighter

We hit the jackpot with tickets! All these gave us two lollipops and a plastic whistle, a real bargain.

Then we were very tired.

We also love going to Gardner Village where the witches are out and ready to play.  It's really fall out here and the pumpkins don't turn black and gooey if they stay outside for a day.

Alex was too cool for the witches, he skipped it to play with cousins.

Did I mention that Gardner Village has many little shops and boutiques...thus Reed's resigned look ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Week-end

This past Saturday and Sunday was the Conference for our church.  It is held in Salt Lake City Utah (and televised worldwide) but it happened to fall at the same time as our fall break. So we took our annual trip to see Reed's brother up in Kaysville Utah.  We took Alex and his cousin to the Sunday PM session.  We met up with some other family members too.
Some of the gang. Lacey (my niece right to my right) is going to the MTC on Wednesday, foing to serve an 18 months mission in Carlsbad, CA.  My nephew Jake, her brother (left behind Alex) is going to Billings, Montana for 2 years in February)

Our next Elders, the two on the right have their call. The other two are waiting to be old enough!

And we're there!

I am now part of a new club!
It doesn't require any more or less brains than I had before, obviously!

But it is worth a double crown tho!

I barely have enough breath to blow those big numbers out.