Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby's first

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to my non teenager!

I don't have teenagers anymore, that makes me young right? Except that it's only because I am the mother of a TWENTY year old man! Whatttt?????
So here is to my favorite young adult, Happy Birthday Alex, even if you won't see this blog for another 14 1/2 months, but who's counting, right ;) How I miss that boy, yep, trying not to cry here, but I'm so proud of him!!!!

PS: no, Liam and Alex will not be sharing the same birthday, it is 6:00 pm, I doubt I'll have a baby in the next 6 hours!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween, here we come...

Oh YEAH!!!! It's that time of year where we can decorate crazy.  I put my fall decorations as soon as September hits, even with 103 degrees, I didn't care, I was hopeful. But now it's October and we can officially go crazy with Spooky and Scary things...mildly at our house: I don't like ugly Halloween decors at all.
Fall is the time to eat as much sugar as possible too.  Did you know that the calories are half off at that time? And by Christmas, they're on clearance, so eat up (yes, I know, they are back full price by January and the scale won't lie anymore). I get these every year now: Candy corns and peanuts, and the make me so sick, but I keep eating them! They taste like a Pay Day, and I pay for it every time.

Time for the kids to find some boxed up costumes from previous years, except for Batman that has been living at our house since August, and will probably remain for a good year after Halloween has passed...maybe it's the real one?

Trick is to sit next to the skeleton! I was sitting on the good side a few days ago, before Skelli took my spot, and my brainiac dog jumped next to me, only to fall right through...he's a genius I tell ya!

So come on and trick or treat at our house, I think I have left over taffy from the baby shower!
See you on the 31st...and I won't look like a pumpkin anymore but will have my sweet pea in my arms :)

A bit of everything.

I realize that I only take pictures with my phone now a days. Then they stay on my phone and rarely make it to my computer and even more rarely to my blog.  I mainly email them to my Ukrainian boy. so Time to update my pc and my blog, so here are a few random pix from our daily life.
 This boy loves Legos and building crazy things.  Tommy is following his foot steps now too. They dump all their Legos on the floor and I end up vacuuming up bits and pieces of them every time I am sure!
My mother-in-law has been making these for years. All my kids have one, although it used to be dogs, but she ran out of dogs after buying everyone of them at all the Walmarts in the valley. So Liam is a monkey, which fits great:)

I have been pretty crafty with this baby. I made a cover for the carseat (not sure if I ever posted that, but I am sure there will be one or two pictures of our future baby on here and you might catch a glimpse of my sewing art).  This is a pacifier holder, thank you Pinterest again.

We love Buca di Peppo! With coupons and a gift card they sent us after losing Reed's Visa card, it was a free meal.  We always get the same waiter, who's a little whack, but the boys call him "the guy that smiles all the time". He doesn't charge us for drinks, so he can smile all he wants too, we like him!

This is the third building we make for the city that all 2nd graders build at Cortina. You'd think we would have learned and kept the previous building (Maddy did a movie theater and Elly did McDonald's) but nope, although the bottom part of this hospital is recycled from one of Elly's project last year...two more 2nd graders to go!

Got the stroller put together, then I couldn't get off the floor and my sciatic nerve killed me for 2 days, but it was worth it to feel like Handy Mandy or Bob the Builder. Oh, and there is the carseat I recovered inside of it.

37 weeks

I let Reed put the swing together, because Handy Mandy is on furlough: he is a government worker!  Bob the builder is actually English, at least he was when we lived in Germany and watched Sky UK satellite! So yeah, reality hit and my super hero days are over, I let my sciatic nerve relax now! Besides, Reed has Batman and Superman there to help him!

Another one...

It happened again! No matter how much I try, it doesn't matter, it comes back every year: BIRTHDAYS!!!!  They are definitely not as exciting as they used to be when I was less than 30ish or so, but what can I do but embrace them!
Yes, we recycle candles and don't buy new matching ones, and the perks of having so many children is that we have all the numbers! I made my own cake, well Betty Crocker did a lot of the work...thus the picture bellow: it is not a lack of excitement you see, but a lack of energy rather!

I was hoping for Pitocin to induce labor, but I got a Sodastream instead, I love it! Bubble water whenever I want (I am European and we do like bubble water).

So here I am, for my 5th pregnant birthday, radiating joy and happiness..whatev :))

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Twin Day

                          Cortina is having twin day today, so we sent out twins to school!