Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hmmm, yeah, in case you didn't know

See that little widget I added there to the right, yep, SURPRISE!!!!!

Canyon Lake

We did it, we went camping!!!! I call it Diva Camping, because we had a toilet, a bath, a microwave, air conditioning, electricity...but we still did the typical camping/fishing things! 
We didn't catch dinner...thank goodness, I like hot dogs better! And if you were to see a hot dog float at the lake, then you probably don't want to catch it and eat it!

Look at us all camping ready, with Buster and all...

We quickly grabbed the shaded tree by the lake and plopped there for the day.  The water was cold, as much as my toes could tell anyway!

Party in the trailer.

Maddy left the trailer just enough to go in the water for a good minute and a half.

We're glad we went. It was more work for Reed than me for a change, so I liked that kind of vacation! Now we need to think of our next adventure???? AZ is getting too hot, soooo Mountains? Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bday time!

Boy, I haven't blogged on this blog forever! I guess being a missionary mom is important too ;)
Tommy turned FIVE last Monday, FIVE, what the???? When did that happen? Time goes way too fast!

He was happy and excited. He was so ready to get on the yellow bus to go to Kindergarten the next day, but I had to burst his bubble and tell him he had to wait till after summer :(