Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We did, we really did

As I stated previously, I'm behind...but enough about my behind. Let's prove that we do have a life outside diaper changing and baby feeding, not that it is a bad life in itself, I'm rather enjoying that part actually!
My brother and his family came to visit beautiful Arizona for 2 weeks at Christmas. They got to our house on Christmas day, right after Santa showed up and during our very much anticipated skype session with the best missionary out in the world.

We rented a car to take the Marquet grand kids to tour downtown. Liam is driving it so we didn't catch him in the picture.

If there is snow in Phoenix, then my previous picture caption was not a lie either!

We made a snowman, down town Phoenix, yes yes!

The little cousins followed their big cousin Xavier everywhere! He didn't mind, he is a sweet sweet boy of 15 who absolutely loved his little American cousins.

My brother skyped with his long time friend Matt, who had spent a year in Belgium his Junior year, back when my brother had a lot of hair, before he started copying Liam's hair do.

Tante Nanouche is so comfy, love love love the naps

They were trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, Liam wanted a documentary on the migration of the anchovies in Peru, but Tommy likes Ninjago better.

Getting bigger and bigger, this is at around 10 weeks.

This picture left from our house, to Ukraine, back to our house...wait, I'm not even sure this is correct. Alex took it during our skype session, You can see him in the corner. 
Aren't those awesome! No I'm joking, these things are butt ugly and I wonder why in the world they would ever think that someone would pay even half price for it. I just couldn't resist taking a picture, $12.49, what a bargain, I should have gotten the whole lot...and don't get me started on the fish things in the back row!

The rest of the party, including my brother and his fam, went to a football game, the Fiesta Bowl non the less. So I spoiled my boys and we build a bear, because we really don't have any teddy bears at our house, none, really!

I myself, like the striped little orange bear, kinda cute.

Sometimes he's not happy

Sometimes he sleeps

Sometimes he plays

and a lot of times he smiles!

I do like stripes on him, or on me.

And he likes books.

and walks...and yes, this is mainly about Liam, Liam Liam Liam Liam :))))))))


Wow, December is gone, January flew by and I heard March is already well underway...and yet, still nada on my blog. I almost feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with it. But yet, I don't want to just give up. I don't journal, unless you can count the half page I start every 6 months, mainly apologizing about the fact that I haven't journaled, as if any of my posterity will even use paper to read my life...and it's all half in French and half in English, not the journal, but the actual entries!
So to recap my life, I will post the main reason why I don't blog very much here. I do keep Alex's blog up to date, but it seems that his readers have dwindled over time, just like mine. So these excuses are not even needed, who am I apologizing to anyway? (and I cannot spell "apologizing" for the life of me, you'd never know because professor red squiggly is underlying it for me).
My little reason is staring at his fingers right now, his eyes just crossed since they are so close and fascinating, oh, and they taste so good...wait, where did they go?  And I would rather watch this miracle in front of me than find time to blog :)

Here is what Leanna Anderson at urbancountryphoto can do:

This one is for Alex, of course!