Thursday, March 26, 2009

New scale

I bought a new scale today. Sam's Club had a great scale that measures your weight, your body fat and your water...and takes the trash out and do the laundry and folds it and puts it away and dream on...but the first part is true. So, of course, I had to try it out and now, I'm crying. Well, no, I knew that it would be different from my old one, and that chances were, the old one was going to be off by a few pounds, because that is how it always is: your old scale is never the one weighing you heavier. It's a well known fact that doctor's scales are always meaner that yours, and that it's never a happy moment to step on a scale anywhere else but in your bathroom, butt nacked, right after you peed, before you eat, drink or even brush your teeth (farting doesn't change a thing, it's air and you can thus abstain...someone had to say it!). But, this super- high- tech-guaranteed- for -175 yrs -of -accurancy -scale is ONLY 2 lbs off, 2 lbs more than my old one, of course, but I can take it, it didn't bring me down! So, now, I have more to lose today than I did an hour ago, BUT, it showed that my body fat is at a healthy place, oh so happy place :) I will only go with my new scale from now on, make it my BFF so that it doesn't piss me off too much and see if we can have a happy and healthy relationship!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Bug

Here are some of my last projects. This is a daybed that I refinished, I didn't take a pix of it before (duh) but it was all oak, plain brown. I got it off Craigslist for $40.00. I just have to put it together, so the "after" picture will come soon. Maman, c'est ton futur lit, ca vous ira, il sera beau assez? This is the upstair's hall, finally finished.

This is towards the play room, that used to be twice as big, but we added a room for Nicky (blue on the picture) and one for Maddy further (not painted yet). Voici a quoi ca ressemble en haut, une fois fini. Reste encore la chambre a Maddou et la porte.

The pantry before (not too horrible, but in need of help still)

The pantry during ...and I see that I haven't taken that Winter sign down yet!

The amazing bag! I had the girls pose next to it to show its size. How can so much crap come out of my pantry??? Love the poses girls, love it!

Et voila, TADAAAAA!

I feel soooo clean, haaaaaaaa! I also cleaned my window, but since to most people it is NOT a great accomplishment, I didn't dare to take pictures. After 4 years in our house, I finally took the screens out and wash the windows. Yeah, I know, gross, but hey, if I have to chose between washing window or watching Oprah, well...

Monday, March 16, 2009

A give-away

I have seen a lot of people doing give- aways on their blog. So I decided to do the same:

Up for grab is a brand new white bra. The size is 42 DD. It's too small for me. Post a comment to tell me how you plan on filling the bra. I will email the winner on February 31st. Good luck!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did you say surprise?

I love having teenagers in my life ;) This is what we discovered around 1:00 am after we finished our movie last night! They came much earlier, and we didn't hear a thing. It was some friends of Alex's of course, yes, all girls (boys wouldn't really put hearts all over our house). My fave had to be the bra on the front door! Very cute and very fun...and they came to clean up the next morning, even better. Thanks Katie and her friends :)

The perpertrators

Of course, a big bag cannot just be a big bag

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Move over Alex, I'm next...

And you all thought Alex was the next one to drive....ha, nope, here is Tomtom behind the wheel
Check mirror first,

A happy driver is a safe driver

Ahhh, man, traffic jam, gonna be late for work...

Who cut me off? &^%%$#**&%%**^& woman driver for sure!!!