Monday, August 13, 2012

Reflection; you are beautiful!

The other day, I read a post of a friend who had gotten the bad news from a doctor regarding her Hcg levels dropping. If you understand this simple sentence, you will be in tune with me. If you have no idea what Hcg levels are, what purpose it serves or you are quite unsure where it should be at any moment of your life, then you are one lucky fertile woman. And if you know about Hcg to help you lose weight, well, that's a different mission ;)
I was driving home in my car this morning, alone. My oldest was at home, working on his marathon book of Mormon that his bishop challenged him to do.  My youngest was at pre-school, loving every second of it, not even pausing as we got off the car to give his poor 'ol moma a hug. My 3 middle ones are growing and learning all day, without, yes, you can see where this post is going!  Anyway, as I was driving home, I was thinking of the times where I wondered if my Hcg levels were high enough, if that faint positive line was for real and if it was going to stick, if the progesterone levels would support this baby growing, if if if if...the joys of knowing too much about your own fertility, the way your body should create life and sustain it.  The heart break of seeing a random period, or not seeing one and still not getting that second line.  So as I was pondering over these over-joyous events that have taken place in my life (did you know I'm a true optimist...NOT), I thought of other women, right now, maybe next to me at the store, maybe in the lane in front of me, feeling the exact same thing.  Feeling sadden or anxious or cautious or a little excited. Because many of us go through this, 12% of couples, a mere 7.3 millions in America live infertilty!  It made me realize that at any given moment, another woman could have been feeling the same thing as me. It made me realize how we are all sisters, all daughters of our Heavenly Father and he created us all equal.  The woman is south Africa or Iran might not have access to her Hcg levels at any given time through a random blood work because her living circumstances are not equal to mine, but she knows when her heart aches for a baby and she is no different from me there.  Now, I am not aching for a baby, don't go spread rumors on FB!  I'm not there, right now, but I have been, and some good friends are still there.  The aches is dulled by my many healthy perfect children, but you don't really forget the journey to bring them here, of course!  But my point was more about how we all have similar worries and feelings at some point, as sisters on this planet.  Now, men on the other hand....well, they're from Mars, right :)))
I need a little pick me up, so here is to Muche, turning 40...ugh...gasp... years in 2 months, but still young and sexy!
Here is what I said on FB the other day: Motherhood is the awkward moment when you find a kid sock by the washer and you sniff it to see if it's clean...and then realize how meaningless your college education is!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to school again

Before we headed back to school again, we had a few very last fun day at home, than that's it, no more fun'd think that if you were listening to my children!

I have too many couches. I bought new ones for the family room and didn't sell my older ones yet. So we moved one to the front...then look at that perfect opportunity to build a fort.
Nicky is not in time out, he's watching a movie on a tablet.

A very complicated movie, looks like! Probably "How is it made" or something nerdy like that that he and his dad enjoy...and Alex wants to study mechanical engineering too, where did I go wrong?

I built the shade to fit the blanket.

Super flattering picture of me, huh!

Not sure why Nico has floaties on, but I'm glad he didn't put them on his feet.

And here we go again, August 6th 2008, 3 Cortina Tigers going on the prowl for a better education! Yeah, clever, I know...

and take the trash out while you're at it!

One more year for Tchachaboum!
Pooh Bear will stay with me, even next year, so that's why I won't be able to ever get a job because I'll need to stay home with Pooh.

The child thief

But they DO come back, yeah!!!!

Now it's Tommy's turn.  He doesn't let me take pictures, so this is as good as it gets. I sneaked some with my phone, but that was tricky!

So this is it, the beginning of a new school year. I have one left at home for a few hours a week, Alex that is, but he sleeps in and pretty much can get his own breakfast, so my work isn't too difficult.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 years

This week, I finally printed two years of my blog.  It has been 4 years since I started blogging.  It's fun to read myself, my reactions to the world, my life with littl-er children, what they used to say.  It also made me realize that I don't really blog much now, I pretty much put pictures on my blog with subtitles. I should make a bigger effort to do so.  I don't know why I don't, maybe because I have less frustrations in life, yeah, that must be it...NOT!  Or maybe it's because I started texting so much more in the past year, and that I have some truly great friends to vent to? Or maybe it's because I've been writing so much in my real journal, it's all in there...ha ha ha!  Although, pictures are worth a thousand words, so it's okay to do that too. So here's to another 4 years of blogging!