Friday, July 11, 2014

Belgique 2014

We did it again, visited the mostest awesomest country ever: MINE!  We managed to still have 5 kids with us, even after getting rid of one of them in Ukraine! Liam was a sweet little baby on the plane.  We had a very relaxed and easy flight, and we arrived in Luxembourg without problems.  Our luggage have a different story to tell though.  Only one of them made it, with the stroller. The rest of them got stuck on conveyor belts in London.  It took 4 days for all of us to be reunited. Reed was the only lucky one to have clean undies and our toothbrushes also made it.  Nothing that a little shopping cannot fix though.
We have loved every minute and seconds of our time in Belgium.  We did a week-end trip to Germany also, but I will post a separate blog for that

Look how excited they get at the beginning of the trip. We have no energy to even take a pix after an almost 10 hour flight, ugh!

You might have known about the World Cup? Did you hear how Belgium killed USA? No? 2-1, but we dominated the whole time, really...I say "we" as "Belgians" coz I am 100% Belgian when it comes to soccer!

Me like watching soccer with my daddy.

Nice warm picnic with some friends.

Why why why do they call this "French Fries" in the US??? We make the best and yes we eat them with mayo!


The monument was erected to commemorate WWII. All the US States are written on the monument.

Some of my dad's books are behind Maddy, who is doing a weird little dance or somethin'

Nice round heads, it's a Marquet trait!

Watching US vs Belgium

Just too emotional!

Yeah, Belgium (ok, we lost against Argentina in the 1/4 finals, but hey, with a whopping 11 million citizens, we did pretty good for a small country!)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

And then there was summer.

We started the summer with the boys going camping for Father and Son's.  Of course, Mr. Liam is too attached to go party with the big boys, so he got to party with da girlz.  We started off by teaching him how to read.

Then how to shop.

Summer in Az - which by the way is not the same as summer in the world, it starts in May and goes all the way till the end of October at least, only because we insist on putting our fall decorations outside or we could milk this summer thing all the way to December- means swimming

It's fun to fee oneself, put little puffs can be quite tricky and sticky.




We got our top notch trailer up and ready to go.  Some #$$^^#@( guy parked right behind us and made us look like white trash with his humongous beast of a trailer behind my modest one!

Fool Hollow Lake was waiting for us, just like last year. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous views.

Maddy photo-bombed us.Other than that, we are just so cute!

Camping high chair, one of the many things we had to get to keep our camping adventures going. 

Me preparing my Relief Society lesson...wait no, I'm on Elly's DS, never mind!

The Mountain air!

And we're back home, ready to watch Baby Einstein on the big screen.

Kindergarden, 2nd Grade, 6th Grade

All of the "kids" hard work...we all know that NO parents ever help at all in all those end of the year projects, we sure don't. Nicky can totally cut out a perfect circle and write his name in Japanese, duh!

My new first grader.

She had the best display for the best country of course!

Kindergarten graduation, Class of 2026.

I thought I cropped that one, but nope. Here is the proof that I do not carry a camera anymore.

It was a great school year for all. Maddy is going to 8th grade, there was no fun celebration in middle school, thus the lack of pictures...we love her all the same.

More catching up

Life right before school got out was just simple and sweet. 
I won't speak too loud, hussshhhhhhhhhh...

I really don't know why I took this picture. I could be that I was impressed that there was only a couple of things on the stairs, or a bleak reminder that I really need to find my left over wall paper and fix that corner, the one that "not me" is always rubbing against as  he/she comes down the stairs. Or maybe because I was excited that my new shutters were in.

New design on the wall, new couches, freshly painted table...

New shutters also, I just love love love my house!

I like to give my kids the best toys ever: a yellow plastic lid is always welcomed. And no, the bone behind him is not for baby! Geeze, I'm not that bad!

Don't you love sleeping with the your toes in the air!

Playing hookie! School shmool! I don't know which time this was, Elly has managed to find an excuse to stay home from school so many times, but you know braces is a hard thing to survive so mom caves in. I actually don't mind, she's a little bit my slave when she's home and I can take a shower AND shave my legs while she tends to Mr. Liam.

"Do you want some ham from my butt"?
Tommy, Kindergarten.

Didn't I just finish my previous post with one just like this. It must be such a rare occasion to find Mr. Liam asleep in his bed that I take a pix to prove its existence.