Friday, May 25, 2012

Higley High

He did it! With Honors too!

Lots of talks, talks, talk..Zzzzzzzz

 Let's have a party!

He had more friends than that, I promise!

Graduations Graduations

At the Inmans, we like to do it all or nothing. So we started May 24th with a Kindergarten Graduation from Cortina Elementary...Go Nico!!!!

 Nice one of the girl picking her nose behind him, yum!

 Principal Monroe

My Graduates!

Friday, May 18, 2012

May we love May

May is not over yet, but we've had lots of fun so far.  It RAINED, and these are the beginning of the storm.  Always fun to play in the rain, before the lighting strikes anyway.

In Belgium, umbrellas are not extraordinary and more of a nuisance. In Arizona, they collect dust and become so exciting once a quarter!

 We had Senior Awards, which was the most boring event ever!  But my boy was getting something, so we had to be there...and we left way before it was over!

If that's where he wants to go, then so be it...a scholarship from there was more than welcomed!

 He looks like he's 12! It's pictures from early senior year, but still!

 I'm pretty proud of him: he put in the very least amount of effort into school...can you imagine if he had tried hard...but then he'd be Asian or a girl!
Reed turned 40+who-can-count-that-high!

 Mormon Prom came and went...busy Seniors barely had time to go, but they went. Oh and yes, he had a date, but they didn't have time to stop by, soooo, you'll have to take my words for it.
I received Mother of the Year award, as previously stated

It felt like it anyway

A Celebration of Learning at the school, with Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer), and the horrible terrible no good skim board!

Today is the 18th. We have two graduations (Kinder and Senior) to make it through. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Oh, sorry, let me translate that for you...

Nicky finished his Karate class.  He advanced to Yellow and White belt, meaning he skipped a level!  It was just so fun, I think we'll do it again next year. Way to go Nico!

KIAI or 気合

Never too late

Imaginext, Legos and Playmobils, that's life!

We had a birthday boy in April.  He turned 44 I think, sure feels like it, the way time flies!  Tommy is a crack up.  He comes up with the funniest things to say, more than my other kids did at that age.  Right now, Reed is in Deutschland for 10 days, and he just doesn't want to talk to him on the phone.  He told me this morning "I still love him, I just don't wanna talk". There you have a typical man, not willing to talk much but willing to love much!

It was the weekend of Father and Sons campout.  I didn't go, since I'm not a father or a son, but I live with a bunch of them, so I get to use their picture for MY blog.  Don't ask me where they went and what they did (thus the ? at each picture).  All I know is that they came back dirty and smelly, which is why it's only for boys!
 Bossing Tommy?
 Has to pee?
 Arizona grass sliding.  We used a cardboard on grass in Belgium, but butt and dirt works too.
 New paint job for the black car.
 Throwing rocks at dirt?
That one is from my friends, I don't see my own kids in it!