Monday, October 31, 2011

More Utah

I have some more nice pix from our Utah trip.  So here, enjoy..
 Alec, Nicky, Tommy et Quentin
Estelle et Elodie
These kids are so cute together, they've only met twice before, but they are all such friends!  These are my good friends the Ardizzone's kiddos.  Vincent is my best friend from church Belgium who happened to marry my American sister Melanie (whose family I stayed with in Utah in 1990)...and yes, it is my fault they got married :)

Now some pretty one from Temple Square

 Such a bad angle, yuck, but how I love this guy!!!
Do you notice how impossible it is for us to get all 5 kids in one picture!!! This would have been such a perfect Christmas picture, but nooooooooo, someone had to be grumpy!

2 October Birthdays

We had two birthdays in October. One of them was just an extra year, making the person come awfully close to the 4th decade. The other one was "golden" as he put it: 18 on the 18th, and I still made him go to school, so cruel!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gardner Village

Can we call this a tradition if we go there twice? I so wish we had a true fall in AZ and could enjoy Halloween the same way as here...but then we'd get that white stuff that we see here on the mountains!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Utah Trip 2011

So we are doing that again: a road trip! I sure hope to come back with all limbs intact this time, keep your fingers crossed.  We started our vacation with the Tree House in Ogden, Utah.  It's a sort of children museum, with lots of hands on things to do. 
 We started with a horse ride, all cowboyed out, of course.
 Maddy is having the time of her life!

La piece de resistance!
 Then we went back to school in 1838

I got another x-ray and my bone has healed fully now, thanks to the Utah air.

I ran for office, forget the first African American President; we now have the first Mormon FEMALE president (I beat Romney!)
 This little doll said "Naples, Italy".  This is actually from Binche, Belgium.  I told them about it and they changed the sign :)

The Royal Family (see who the King is)

 That's not coming out, no Kindom for you!
And always finish with a rescue!

Very fun place, check it out if you ever go up to Ogden.