Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Market on the Move

A few weeks ago, I made it to the Maket on the Move .  You can get up to 60lbs of produce for a $10 donation, which is tax deductible too since it's a charity.  Click on the link above for more info and their next event.  Here is what I got for $10!!!!!

 Canning a case of tomatoes!!!

I'd say it was worth it!

Zoo Time!

It was zoo weather again, so off to Phoenix we went. Nicky played hookie from Kindergarden, which is probably okay, I think he missed learning the letter W , uich is not a big deal, ho needs uu's in life anyay!
We met up with an old friend (old as in my age, thus young but old for how many years I've known her, don't get me wrong here, or rong as Nicky will spell from now on!). Lots of pictures, lots of fun...although it looks like Tommy was not very much there with us, he was just too lazy to get out of his seat!

 We made a new friend
 Random kid and Nicky
 Fishing talk.
 Quick trip south of the border.
 It does a body good.
 Tommy was chilly!
 Clam dip.
 Conquer, we must!

Ahhhhh, what a day!