Friday, March 26, 2010

A Bargain Story

Here is a good bargain for you.  If you own the movies Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on VHS, you can print a $10.00 coupon off the combo pack for the DVD and the Blue Ray.  If you purchase both movies, Toys Story and Toy Story 2, in combo pack  they are each $16.99 at Toys R us (ad match at Walmart so you don't have to drive far).  I printed the coupons, brought my ad to walmart and got the two movies for $6.99 each.  PLUS, there is a free movie ticket for Toy Story 3  included in the movie box (coming out June 18th).  So if your boys are absolute fans of Woody and Buzz like at our house, this is a great deal. Here is the link:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A date

A basket

A guy

 A girl

A place

With ducks

A kiss

Time is ticking away!

A bit scary, and no, I don't feel old!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lost in the translation

More often than not, the French translation from English is pretty hilarious! I am not sure how much money companies save by not using a translator, but my amusement is priceless.  Here is an illustration of what I mean:
It reads "Stackable 1 Door Storage"
In French, it reads "Memory stackable of 1 door" in computer language is not the same as storage for furniture.  How cool is it that according to this box, in French, we are able to have stackable memories easily accessed through one door, and all that available at Target on the clearance rack!  "Alex, did you remember to take the trash?" "No" "Hmmm, let me open that door for you and unstack that memory so that next time, you can take the trash".

English: 1 door with elegant handle....
Perfect storage for clothes....
Create your own look with these stackable storage from QubeMates

French: 1 door with elegant treatment (I can kinda see it, that one's not bad)
Perfect Memory for clothes... (I can't remember where I put my underwear...oh, wait let me open that memory with my nifty elegant treatment)
Create your own eyesight with the stackable memory.  Now our memory can improve our eyes too, it is treated to be elegant.

Are you lost in translation?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Is he praying?
Is he playing Hide-and-go-seek?

Nope, just too tired to make it to bed!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Zoo Again

Just using my zoo membership again

I think they are playing Basket-ball?
Globe Trotters doing a little promo

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Young Ambassadors

Last night, Reed and I got tickets to go see the BYU Young Ambassadors.  I never really knew what or who they were. Now, I do!  There are a group of BYU students that perform musicals. There are singers/dancers and a band, plus the technicians, for a total of 37.  After the 90 minutes show, we got to take home a couple of Young Ambassadors so that they could sleep at our house.  Host families are a big part of their whole experience too.  They hardly ever stay in hotels.  They've been performing for 40 years (not the same people, of course) and have been all over the world (including China, Australia, Russia, Europe).  They are all very talented, and many have gone on to perform on Broadway or for Holllyood.  In fact, one guy was in High School Musical and another girl was in High School Musical III.  They ended their show with a reminder of how we are children of God.   The room grew quiet for a few seconds after the song, before exploding with aplauses.
We hosted two boys; one was a technician and the other was a band member (above, Daniel).  It was nice to have these young people in our home for a short time.