Friday, June 29, 2012

Air Show

 Last Saturday, we went to an airshow at my brother's old base, in Florennes.
He flies for the Belgian Air Force.

This is his Embraer. He usually flies the VIP's of the country, but on that day,  he was flying my VIP's: Alex in the cockpit and Nico and Reed with the passengers.
Lucky for all, he's not flying!

La Patrouille Francaise.

My niece Estelle

There he is, walking back to his plane ready for another take off (he was flying random people for 30 minutes, for those who have never flown before)

Alpha Jet


The house in the middle, with all the vegetation, is my parents'.

It's hard to see, but the plane is coming back from its last trip, with my mom in the cockpit this time. Kinda cool to know my mom and brother are up there while I'm driving home ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paris continued...

 Les Champs Elysees, with an assortiment of foreign tourists crowding it.

 The statue of liberty of France, what's that called again?
 Le Sacre Coeur de Montmartre, and Reed.

 Store looking super French and old...but then my dad told me a company makes these store fronts and sells them all over Europe! It was full of candies though, oh yeah, we have those at the mall too!

Studying the Metro map, a pass time that 99.99% of tourist have while in Paris.

 Le Louvres
This is my new apartment in Paris. I am borrowing it from Napoleon III

 Thanksgiving table in a Mormon home.
LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting, from Henri Decaisne, called Guardian Angel.


I got arms, but wish I had her abs tho!

Colonel Sanders

The end!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Paris, 20 ans

For our pre-anniversary, we went to Paris for two nights.  Our hotel was clean and comfortable enough, but in a bit scary neighborhood.  The 19th arrondissement is not the Champs Elysees, instead of Chanel and Dior, we had the Turkish consulate.  However, Paris is still Paris and we LOVED every minute of it.
 We actually started off with Reims and its cathedral, dating back to the XIII century.  Its architecture is quite breathtaking.  It's about 1h1/2 from Paris itself.  Reed actually served there on his mission for 3 months in 1991.

 The gargoyles are just awesome! And they serve their purpose, look, the rain can thus fall directly on your head!
It took over 250 years to build. I believe it!

This one is in front of his apartment back in the mission days, not as breathtaking, I admit!
Now off to Paris...