Monday, November 17, 2008

Our new dog!

So that's it, we finally did it, we got a little dog. He's so good with the kids! They all love him to death, we should have done it a long time ago!

Notice how still he stays, nothing phases him! He doesn't bark either, he doesn't drool on Tommy's head, he's all about self-control.

He doesn't eat, and best part: he doesn't poop either!

He came in a big box, from Toys'R us, from my mom. Merci Granny, gros bisous d'Elly!
Hmmm, if you didn't figure it out by now, he's fake, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am thinking about taking him to the park this afternoon without a leash and letting him run wild, since it seems to be the thing to do now a days!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too much sugar tonight!

I've got to write this down. I've been blogging away, catching up with my peeps and so I like to leave comments for everyone to know I'm reading their life. So the security letters that I've had to type before leaving the msg have been so weird: silli, ucast, orardra (I had read Obama first, so that would have been cool), chourne (i hat a fery long chourne, said the German tourist to Orardra the unicorn), and goely (take the l out and you got goey, like they say in Canada: I'd like to go ey, but the Germany tourist is talking to the unicorn and I can't get by hey). One last one is inguess, so I inguess I'll quit here and go to bed! Are those always that funny or did I have too much cake tonight? Don't answer that, it's the sugar talking, I know, but it cracks me up! This was definetly a post you could have all skipped, but then again and again and again: my blog, I do whatever I want ;)))

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Girl!

She loved Cheer


April 08


Just 3 years old

Elly is 7 years old. Well, by the time I finish posting this blog, it might be past midnight and it will officially be the 16th of November. She is a sweet little girl, full of life. I love her freckles and big green eyes. She is the spitting image of her mother, and for those who know her and me, you will agree that her personality, her sarcasm and her little aTTiTTude are just like me too! My parents always go back 29 years in time when they see her coming from the park across the street, her face all scrunched up, her pig tails bouncing and her fists on her waist, MAD because someone wasn't playing right! She is so smart and cracks me up. She's my little buddy and is still so cuddly. She's still little, looks more like she is 5 years old, wears size 5T, but her brain is way ahead of her body :) I love her to pieces.
We had a birthday party for her today. 7 little very excited girls, all screams and giggles but it was fun and I survived. She was spoiled by her little friends, of course, and we now have more Bratz and markers scattering the floor. Tommy is crawling too, or whatever you want to call his style (he gets on his hands and knees and kinda launches forward and then does it again, but it works and he gets around). He almost made it to the Bratz make-up and got a good hold of the Giant coloring book. Life is good for baby, tons of things to destroy, to lick, the wrinkle, it's great to be him! Not so great for those around who would love to keep reading the newspaper on the floor.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh the weather outside it frightfull

With Granny in 2007

Crappy one of me, but Reed is cute

with Papy in 2007

Maddy and Elly, 2006

Nicolas and Saint Nicolas 2006

Isn't great when the leaves turn red and start falling, isn't it? Well, I wouldn't know! Cacti don't lose their needles, nope, only when you touch them and they stick in your finger. But still, it did cool down so much this last week that I can almost smell Christmas (and the fact that I bought 5 Airwick refills at Sam's club with the trusted cinamon/apple scent helps a bunch too). We went to some friends' wedding reception on Friday, and true to an AZ wedding, it was held outside. It was butt cold my friends! They had warm soup that did not need blowing to cool down. It seems that we NEVER get to enjoy the 80 degree weather here in AZ. It's hot hot hot, then October is over, you get high 80's almost 90 and boom, it's low 70's! Same deal in March, we skip the low 80's to get right into swimming weather! But, can't complain, it's beautiful and that's why we live here (well, in my case, I live here because Reed is from here and we haven't had the courage to leave yet, if you don't count Germany for 3 years).
I already heard Christmas music on 99.9, with that annoying host "Delialaaaa". She is such a snore, and people call her to tell them which song they like and what sob story they are experiencing at the same time "my cousins' friend just found out his dog is dying after 19 years of companionship and this song is for him"...sad, yes, but do I need to know about the terrible hermoroids that the poor dog suffers from too?
Khol's is all decorated, they don't wait for the silly turkey to be eaten anymore, as soon as the goblins are done booing everyone, here comes the jolly 'ol fat red suited guy! - and no, I can't just says "thanksgiving, Halloween and Santa", it would just kill my nack for metaphores!-
But it's okay with me, it makes it last longer and maybe by the end of Christmas, I might actually be ready to let it go for another 10 months without a tear!

I put so

Monday, November 3, 2008

Movin on...

It wouldn't be a blog if I didn't put pictures of us during Halloween! We had three parties, so three times the candies, ridiculous, but we took them all and are eating them. As a matter of fact, all the good chocolates are already gone. I make sure I eat them all quick, because my theory is that if you eat crap faster, it's healthier than to eat it them slower over a longer period of time! The quicker they're gone, the quicker I can start eating healthy again...yep, I'm gonna live long.

I started putting the Halloween decos away. I left the scarecrows out and turned the jack'o lanterns around (thus becoming mere fall decorations- savy me) and left the decos boxes in the office, because if I put them back now, they'll be in front of Christmas decos, which are coming out in three short weeks. This holiday thing is like life management: you have to know when to put things out, when to put them away, which ones can be used for more than one purpose and be ready for the next batch of decorations. If you can organize your decorations correctly,then you should be all set for life: you should be able to play the stock market (maybe not right this minute, not a good time) -when to buy stock, when to sell, when to use them longer and be ready for the next batch to buy! But here is me: I rotated my decorations like a pro and when the Halloween ones are all put away, all the bins are nice and stacked, I go for a pipi break to the bathroom and realize that there is a goofy pumpkin on a towel saying "ha ha, you forgot me, trick on you!" ...and nope, this type of pumpkin cannot pass for a mere fall pumpkin, it's cleary Halloween, darn it! I just cannot stand having a decoration for a Holliday when it's way past time! How white trashy is it to have your Christmas lights still on for Easter, come on! So off comes the silly-out-of-holiday towel, hummmpaaafhhh I open the lid of the big plastic bin just barely enough to sneak the out-dated towel ...let go of the lid, snap, crap, my fingers are still in it too!!!! Next year, I'll scan my house better, it hurts less! Happy belated Halloween to all :)