Thursday, December 31, 2009

They got us again!

That's twice now, within a year! Not the same kids though, Alex has too many friends!

The Day

Oh yes, he came!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Eve

We always open the gifts from my parents, brother and aunt on Christmas Eve. After our fancy dinner, where we eat "at the red table".

Kareoke for Xbox.

The Large Inman Clan

Grandma made 37 pillow cases this year, with each Grandchild's name emboidered on it. Tommy loved his!
Well, duh, 37 of them was bound to start a pillow fight!

Brittany, Taylynn and Lacey, my oldest nieces. Beautiful girls!

Morgan in the back, with her "we're just friend" RM ;)

Some Christmas Treats and Crafts

The Visit

No Nicky, too scared this year! No Alex, too old.

Maddy's Flag Football

Maddy played Flag Football this fall. She was the only girl on her team and in the league for her age. She had a blast and pulled quite a few flags of those macho boys...which made it even worse for them "you got your flag pulled by a GIRL!!!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vote for me

I entered a contest on I can win a gift card, I have to have the most votes (well, the first 5 people) by Saturday. So go there, click on Contest, then "most viewed" and then on "love it" for my picture, with the name mucheinman. I clicked on it a bunch of times to be in the most viewed to make easy for people to find it, but I can only click once/day on the heart (although I think the winners of last week cheated because they ended up with 17,000 votes, hello???). So be my friends and vote for my picture. You can (and should) vote everyday, from every computer you have and pass the word. And remember, I still have my 42DD bra to thank you for your support!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nicky's 4th

Merci Papy et Granny.

Saint Nicolas

On December 6th, Saint Nicolas came to our home all the way from Belgium. He never forgets his little Belgian/American kids living in Arizona. She shoes were filled with little goodies.

Alex is missing, he was being a lazy teenager and didn't want to get up!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We stopped by Westgate, after a trip to see Grandma on the other side of town.


We took Nicky to RideMakerz, the Build-a-Bear for boys! I was kinda bored, but I asked my husband what he thought, and apprently, it is very cool for a boy! You pick your car, your tires, your rims and whatever else you want to add to your over-priced piece of plastic car. We went for the cheapest for a first car ($15.00), but Nico was very pleased. The car made noise and had lights. You can make it into a remote control for an extra $25. It is located by Westgate (see other post), by the Cardinals'stadium, in Glendale.Getting the registration and the plate. Happy Boy