Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Home

Tommy and I are still home bound (someone tell me why I couldn't break my LEFT leg, at least I could drive...not that I can walk anyway!).  So here are a couple pix of the super star of my life.  He's such a fun little guy, he's my buddy and I'm sooooo grateful he came along almost 3 1/2 years ago, or right now, I'd be in a Loony Bin going through this broken leg trial all alone during the day.  He keeps me happy.  We learned the letter D yesterday :)  I've been telling myself and Reed that I'm an amazing women...yes yes, I am.  I broke my leg skim boarding, not every 38 year old mother can do that.  Then, after 10 weeks of no walking, other than driving, I can do everything else, even take the laundry downstairs.  I also potty trained my last child...and I found a job (tutoring French at night).  I. am. so. amazing, I tell ya!
We're a bit early, but those pjs are just too fun to wait for October!
This is when I had a couple of hours to myself and didn't know what to do!!!
Random conversation:
Tommy: "Mom, put this in the trash!
Me: No, I can't walk, you do it!
Tommy: Oh yeah, I CAN walk, look, like this.  You can't walkkkk, ah ah, you cannn't"

Little Stinker!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Free 200 prints Kodak

I would usually only put this on my deals blog, but I don't know who reads it besides my husband!  So if you click here and see the 200 free prints, go down, "getting started". Once you add them to your cart, the total is ZERO, you only pay $1.99 for shipping...Kim, that one's for you (only 3,800 to print now).