Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Dad's new book. Le livre de mon pere.

It's all in French, but here it is. It's about the Belgian Exodus during the war, told by the survivors themselves.  My father had put an add in newspapers for testimonies and recieved hundreds.  He compiled them into two volumes, not sure when the next one will come out.  This is not his first book.  He is a historian for the Battle of the Bulge and a tour guide in Bastogne.

Je suis bien fiere de mon papa! Bravo!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Junie

It's Character Day at school. So here is my own Junie B. Jones!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brother's Surprise!

My dear Hubby got free VIP tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert last night. We found out right after the girls left for the school bus, so I couldn't tell them until they got home from school.  Needless to say, Reed was a super hero that day!

I too was overjoyed!  I don't think I knew one song, but it wasn't about me!  I lost 10% of my hearing that night, not from the music, but from the thousand of screeming tweens and pre-teens in love!
Demi, from Camp Rock was the opening act.  We don't have Disney Channel at our house, so again, I acted like I knew all the songs, I fooled everyone!
  They are kinda cute
Okay, he's really cute!
We had VIP tickets, meaning we got to hang out in the VIP lounge and have dinner (hot dogs, so fancy!).  We had our own VIP bathrooms, but that was about the only perks from the lounge.  Behind us in the lounge, we could see the tour busses. Some people were waiting for them after the concert, but you could only see through the cracks of the fence, so we passed!  Elly wasn't feeling well, a little too much for my emotional child and she was tired. We had great seats and a great time...especially when it's free!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little make over.

This is the before  picture, blah and during...
Oh YEAH!!!
I love it, it's bold, crazy but so much more lively. No more boring front room at my house!!!  I actually moved the table in front of the couch and need to get a little something to put the lamp and phone.
You like?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Behind Mommy Lines

A day ...
Got woken up by a text from hubby's work at 5ish, he went to the gym, got home, took a shower and I didn't hear a thing, like everyday.  He woke me up to have our prayer together. He lives a whole other life before I even realize I have one!
Got all the kids up, readied lunches, checked teeth and hair (yes, I brushed it Mom, sha-right!) and sent the girls off to the bus.
One little boy dropped off at my house and playing with my two for a little bit before preschool.
Cooking some hard boiled eggs for salad later.
First text from Alex who's sick and wants to be picked up from HS.
Shower. Second text, still same story...and it's a good thing the High School has a new rule about using phones/Ipods during school hours, hmmmm!!!!
Phone call from nurse's office for another child/school, she has a stomach ache, but we both know that this girl of mine likes to stress over nothing.  The nurse isn't duped. I don't pick her up, the drama will soften itself with time.
Off to preschool.
Walmart, need a roast for a dinner for another family tonight, can't just feed them cold cereal or pop tarts.
Text, text, text "when are you commmminnnng, I'm siiiiiccccck"
Pay for Walmart, back to High School to get the dying teenager. 
He's at lunch, so I get escorted by a security guard and go look for him myself.  I get to actually go back to high school, 20lbs, grays and wrinkles extra!  My son has passed the age of being embarrassed by his mom, and he's actually happy to introduce me to his friends.  He's also showing off his little 2 year old blondie cutie brother too (you thought I was gonna say girlfriend, huh...nah, she was sick that day!).
Back home, finally. Throw the roast in the crockpot.  Run down the street to a short meeting for scouting, my new passion (read sarcasm there if you want).
Home for lunch. More scouting thing, one jumping-in-bed-should-be-napping boy. Making the potato salad promised earlier. 
I sit down and watch TV for ONE HOUR...well, no, I fall asleep on the couch!
Rest of the troop home from school, snack, check the roast (please be done by 5:30).  Run to drop girls off to an activity.  Drop off scout things. Home for 20 minutes, check the roast and pray for cooking to speed up.  Back in the car, pick up the girls.  Back home, roast is done, load it all in the car, drop off at the deserving family, who are home and grateful (hmmm, yeah, my previous experiences with making dinner for others haven't always been so great, another post!).
We are all home, quick swim, good dinner, pjs, scripture study, prayers, bed.
Realize one signature is missing for scout stuff, back in the car.
End up the evening with hubby, eating an ice cream at Mcdonald's.
The end...till tomorrow
Would I trade my life, NO WAY!!!!!