Sunday, April 26, 2009

Got it going on!

I just feel like I've got good things going on with me:

First of all, I've decided to kill myself. I signed up for a Volleyball league here in Queen Creek. We seem to have a pretty good team, but I'm afraid I'm one of the oldest in the whole league. I think we can beat some other teams, but next week, we play the "Sledgehammers" and the "Bruisers", I think one of them is made of ASU Volleyball Alumni! One girl on our team is 17...I could be her mom. I'm usually a setter, and I can feel my poor little fingers aching after setting for a while, wondering why I am putting them through such torture, after all they've gone through in life: cliff hanging as in grabbing a child by the shirt as he/she falls off the shopping cart; opening birthday gifts as in going through 100 twist-ties behind Barbie's butt and shoes and hair; nipple pinching - not my own, that's not my job; twizering endless splinters and recent chin hair -yes, my own-; typing hundreds of words of blogging, facebooking, emailing (it's tough to stay in touch, it's a full-time job) and so forth. If the ball falls at a reachable distance, I'm there. If it's at a reachable distance requiring a dive (a face plant by now), it's not gonna happen! So that's my first activity, and that's our team shirt, since they lamely call us "team 7", we upgraded ourselves to 007, as in so sneaky, you'd never know we are KILLERS!!!!

Second of all, I decided that I want to jeopardize my eyesight! I'm considering Lasik. I'm not there 100% yet. I went for the free eye exam, where they probe your eye, put it asleep, dilate it so big that I had to avoid the freeway on my way home because if I had been pulled over for any reason, I would have ended up in jail for being a druggie: "pupils are large and driver seems under the influence of some sort of recreational drug...but officer, look at the pamphlet on Lasik they gave me, seriously, I'm not lying."

I read so much about it, I feel very informed. It's just that, it's my eyes! I see blurry, I have 20/30 in my left eye and 20/60 in my right, so it's not that bad. Tommy broke my glasses. They tell me I'll have 20/15 afterwards...but, it's my eyes, I need them to be good for me....

And last, but not least, I decided to go through the humiliation of becoming an American Citizen. The citizenship itself is, of course, the greatest gift that can ever be bestowed upon someone (as it is stated in the documents)...but the process is a bit treacherous. After $675 sent to the Immigration services, I went to be fingerprinted. The security guard, who has probably barely finished elementary school, thinks that he has all powers in the world...and he kinda does: if he thinks you can't come in, then you can't come in! I hadn't seen that you weren't allowed to have any electronic devices with you, including cell phones (Heaven forbid you'd find something else to do during your wasted time in their hands). Since I was too honest (it will kill me to be so freaking honest, I tell ya) and told him I had a phone, he suggested not so nicely that I put it back in my car. I didn't have a car, Reed dropped me off. Anyway, he let me take it, but "don't turn it on"...or what????? But, once you step foot in their presence, you become a sheep and suppress all idea of rebellion, only thus increasing their sense of power! I am now studying for my test of citizenship, on May 26th, at 10:15 ("being late will only compromise your application further...but don't be too early either as seating is limited"). Do you know who was President during WWI? Do you know who the Head of the Supreme Court is? When was the Constitution written? Who is the Speaker of the House? Do you, do you , do you? Well, I do :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another milestone

For sale!

He's turned around, it's time, he's too big to fit in the old carseat, so of course, it's time. BUT, it's hard on me! It is so hard for me to see my babies grow fast. When I had Alex, it didn't seem that hard: I figured he was only my first, and that I would be doing the carseat thing, the diaper thing, even the nursing thing again, and again. But now, Alex is 15 1/2 and my last baby will be 1 next Wednesday, and it's time to close the door on the baby thing (so Reed says anyway). I have this little tiny thing in my heart, not very big, but a little bit there, hurting, wanting to repeat the past over and over again. I was putting the threads of the Infant carseat back to the newborn stage (prepped up for Craigslist) and the little hurt was there. Will I ever do this again, for my grand-babies? What if my daughters-in-law hate me and don't let me be the crazzzy spoiller Gma that I plan to be? What if my kids all move away, far away, like I did? What if, what if, what if? But I must...or Reed will leave me ;)))

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wiener Schnitzel und Spaetzle

This our Easter Dinner. Walmart and Basha's had no more hams or hash brown (for Cheesy potatoes). So I made this.

Spaetzle (sh-pay-t-s-l-ae) is a sort of noodle, very popular in southwest Germany, originating from Stutgart's area.

It takes 4 eggs, 4 cups of flour, 1tbs of salt and 1 cup of water. You mix it together, then push the dought through a colander with big holes (unless you have a Spaetzle maker laying in your house, right!).

The Wiener Schnitzel are breaded pork loin chops.

Always served with a mushroom sauce. Very authentic, very good, very Deutsch!

The Great Phoenix

Reed and I dropped off the kiddos at Grandma's in Surprise on Friday. Then we headed off to our long far away trip, alllll the way downtown Phoenix. We stayed at Hyatt Regency. I hadn't been downtown in a long time, probably close to 10 years and it has changed a lot. They still have the hobos sleeping by the bus stops, but it just looked nice overall. ASU being there makes it even nicer and younger. It was a wonderful little getaway...and I didn't even miss the kiddos!

Here is Elly's room!

Our hotel

The light rail

Reed in the fast elevator

Turn down service, even.

View from the 21st floor...hmm and me in the tripple glass reflection

The Phoenix Museum of glad I wasn't a pioneer!

But some poeple had money in the early century in Phoenix: the Rosson House in Heritage Square (where Bianco Pizzeria doesn't open until 5:00 PM, darn it!)

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have planned on doing a 24 hour emergency bag for a long time; it was part of my procrastination list (along with getting skinny, exercising, never skipping Family Home Evening, always having Family Scripture Study, hmmm, I'll stop before I put myself down more). So we finally did it. I got a few back-packs from Goodwill, supplies from Big lots and so forth. Every 6 months, at the time of General Conference, we'll eat what will expire before next Conference and hopefully replace it. It was hard to get it through the kids that this will NEVER be used (we sure hope so) and that if you stick your favorite doll in the bag, it's like throwing it away. Maddy suggested we put fruits or bread, I suggested her to put Ice Cream too (hmm, yes, I can't help myself and answer a dumb suggestion with a dumber one: there are NO teaching moments in our home, only sarcasm). So there, we're ready for the next snow blizzard or the next hurricane that hit Phoenix: bring it on!

Each bag has an extra assignment: get water, get gas tank, take care of Tommy, get Important Folder
And they are waiting in the laundry room, for the "just in case" time.