Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who do you know?

I was just randomly thinking, which is my main occupation, since being a SAHM doesn't necessarily require scheduled productive thinking, really. I was trying to think and see if I knew anyone famous. Well, I don't, I just don't. It always makes me so mad to dream about being BFF with a famous person, to wake up and realize that THAT star didn't dream about ME! I don't have a need to know one, but it would only be fair that they dream about me if I dream about them! I know our society makes heroes out of the wrong people, our true heroes are in Iraq and Afghanistan, on our streets catching criminals and people falling off buildings, in classrooms everyday and at home with babies...all for a meager pay. But hey, isn't still fun to meet a face that you see everywhere, to see them in real for real ;)
So who do you know? I know someone that knows someone that went on Oprah. I know someone that went to school with Kid Rock. I know someone that knows someone that knows Stephanie Meyer (she is from AZ). I saw Jay Leno in Beverly Hills, going home in his blue Dodge Viper, because we had bought a stupid tourist map showing where the stars live. He waved to us (are we BFFs then, does he dream about hanging out with me then?). I had dinner with a famous singer in Belgium, Barzotti...hmm, yeah, you're not impressed. My brother rubbed shoulders with Brad Pitt...that requires a little explanation: he was at a flight simulator in Paris (he's a pilot for the Belgian Air Force and they do training there) and bumped into some guy. His friend and colleague told him, casually, that it was Brad Pitt he just bumped. My brother didn't believe him, so went on. But then, they got a little curious and went back. It was indeed the hottie actor and his jolie wife. Pitt has a pilot license, and since they live in France, he needed to redo one for France, or something like that. I asked my brother if I could touch his shoulder (left) and then sell his shirt on EBay. So, who do you know? And if you don't, when I'm rich and famous, you can say that you knew me when...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On Saturday, the 21st of November, Elly made the decision to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (same as our church, don't worry, she didn't go off and join another church, but kids get baptized at 8 years old so that's why it was just now!). It was very nice and very beautiful, just like her. Maddy gave the opening prayer, Alex the closing. Her Grandma and Grandpa both talked. She was baptized by her dad, and confirmed by him, Grandpa, Uncle Tom and Rick, our Bishop and Brother Cardon.
Some of her friends came for her too, very sweet of them. Cute Savanah, Cassidy and Lexy.

Happy Eternal Family ;)The party afterwards.

When Elly came out of the water (the baptizm is by full immersion), I helped her to get dried off. I wrapped her in a towel and hugged her. She was beaming, she starred at me with her big beautiful green eyes and I know without a doubt that that little girl of mine felt the holy spirit deep inside of her as much as I did. I saw pure joy in her face, not the same joy that kids have when they get a new toy or a fat ice cream, but the joy of the gospel. It was a very special moment for me and for her. I am so grateful to have her in my life, that she has such a sweet spirit that we get to witness everyday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elodie is 8

Elly turned 8 on the 16th. She got a new bunny. No, not really, but we have one that lives in our yard, somewhere, which is so much cuter than Lizzie the Lizzard that roams our block fence all summer long and does push ups to impress us! We like this better, even if he poopies all over the pool deck! Nice face Alex. See how she's guarding her candle from Nicky: it is his speciallity to blow it out before the Birthday person can make a wish! He even puckering up...but she knows!

Happy Birthday Elly!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bath and Bed

I saw this quote once, it's now above my closet! I'll redo it someday in vinyl, after I paint my bathroom (which I think I know what color I want now). For now, it's letter stickers from Dollar Tree! Do you ever try to make your bed pretty, since your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary? I do.

But then, I have these two monkeys on it.


then posing or resting...

and finally helping :)

Now, time for Kipper on TV...we'll make the pillows pretty later!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, of course

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't post Halloween pictures, duhhhh!
First, the typicall Chruch Trunk or was cold, YES!!

Twin boys hiding behind door #8

Kim with her little girl, one of my favorite little nursery girl!
Just random...but she couldn't eat, her arms weren't long enough! Didn't think about that one!

I don't know who they are, but there is a cute chunky monkey, a spotted puppy, a fair fairy and a dorky dressy Velma.

Alex had is first date, with 2 other couples. The boys cooked for the girls and then came to our house to eat. I had set them up nicely. He dated Katie (no, really!). They went to the CornMaze after dinner and had a great first date. Hmm, I didn't embarrassed them by taking their picture! I'm so nice ;)

I dressed up as a hottie, as usual! Tomtom got it pretty quick: he walked the whole time, went to the doors, said "weeky weet", got candies and stopped saying "thank you" and "good bye" after three houses when he realized that doing so didn't grant him any more or less candies! Notn' dumb about my monkey!

Check out the pose! She's a real fairy, yes yes!

Couldn't find orange socks, but those worked! Oh, it's Maddy by the way!

We had a great time, as usual. We enjoyed a slightly cooler Halloween for AZ this year, which gave me a bigger excuse to eat all the chocolate (they keep you warm, what, you didn't know that?). Now, off to the rest of the holidays...first, Elly b-day + Baptism, then Thanksgiving, Nicky's B-day, then Saint-Nicolas, then Christmas, then boooooh oooooohooooooooo over

Hungry for what?

I was looking at Nienie's blog...we all know who she is, right? I never have looked before, because I wasn't following her blog before her accident and following it after wouldn't have been "genuine"...but I kinda wanted to see how she was doing. I know that she's close to Sarah and I've been thinking of our little Sarah having two babies...and that's where I am going: babies! Nienie is baby hungry, after all she's living, she's baby hungry.
When I went to Belgium last month, after my blissful time away from it all, I came home knowing with assurance that my baby days were over. That feeling, that my dear husband has been experiencing for the last 15 years ;) lasted for about one or two days top. It was fun while it lasted! How do you turn that page? I went through years of infertility, adoption and drugs to bring my children (it did take two people to knock me up: a doctor and my husband). But now, I seem to have no problem with fertility (look at Tommy-Surprise) and I almost feel like I'm wasting it!!! I know I need to, want to, turn the page. I'm ready to stay skinny and see my babie's grow. But yet, yet, yet...when I go through my baby's clothes to see what can be passed down to friends or try to sell on Craigslist, it'harder than I want it to be. I have a 16 year old who could make me a grandma in, let's say, 10 years or so...but what if I cannot stand my daughter-in-law? And what if my girls don't want me around either and I don't get to spoil my grand-babies? WAIT, I'm talking GRAND babies, hello!!!! This must really mean that my own baby having days are over ;)))) Ahhh, I feel better now, thanks!