Monday, February 13, 2012

Last soccer

Alex had his last soccer game.  That is one big heavy page to turn, 4 years of high school soccer.  I'm so proud of #13, what a grown man he is.  It was pretty emotional to know that was it.

Catching up!

I'm a bit behind on my blog.  This sweet "little" girl just turned 11 in January.  I really don't know how this happened, how could it have been 11 years since she joined our family????
She played Volleyball with the school too.  It was fun to watch, although a bit frustrating not to be able to go practice with her because of my dumb leg!

In January, the boys went to Motocross.  They make noise like this "vrooooommmmm" according to Tommy.  The girls and I just went to the movie that night.

The boys are still good friend
Well, not really, they fight all the time but then it's exhausting...

Then school started again and we got back on track...starting with Karate for Nicky!

He learned how to run away from a stranger on the first night, but if that stranger is your dad and he tickles you and grab you upside down, then you can't run away :)