Monday, September 16, 2013

Boy Oh Boy

I was very spoiled this week-end and my friends gave me a baby shower for baby Oopsie.  Since I have nothing for him, well not much anyway, it was awesome.  I got rid of everything back at my last yard sale!  I did find a few outfits left in big bins because of sentimental values and a few bibs and burp cloths that I was saving for my grand kids. So yeah, I was spoiled by my friends and felt like a princess.

Kim will love me for posting that pix of her in the background, playing with the trash can...but hello yummy food!!!

Deb Jacob and Aimee Styers, and big belly girl.  I left Elly in charge of my phone to take pictures, not super smart of me, because these are pretty much all I've got!

My booty

It was just that I can put clothes and bath that baby, I think I'm ready, 35 weeks is close enough, no? Fine, fine, I'll hold off for a few more weeks!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Epic Fail

I have another example of my love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I saw this cool thing with a pumpkin, a plastic fake kind of course.  The lady mod podged the whole thing with tissue paper. Simple enough right?!

I had a feeling that this was going to be an future Pintrosity for sure, just because it seemed too simple. Her blog is here if you'd like to read for yourself, but really, I followed her simple instructions.  I bought two pumpkins from the Dollar store and the tissue paper there too, knowing that I wouldn't break the bank for my future Epic Fail...

So here is my beauty!!! Isn't it awesome.  I cut small pieces and did like she said, I knew that the orange would show through and I was right! And I knew that the paper wouldn't just lay flat on a round surface! I'm pretty crafty, I think I took this project on just to prove that I am smart too.
So my hubby turned around and said "wow, the second one looks much better"...well yes, it's gold paint, after just two coats!
Luckily, I am a very smart lady, as previously stated, and the tissue paper I had bought for a whole dollar, had a pattern piece along with the gold ones I first used.  I recovered the whole thing with the pattern one, knowing that it wouldn't show the flaws and wrinkles as much.  This picture doesn't do it justice, it actually turned out alright.

See, it's not that bad. Too bad the Dollar store pumpkins have a line in the middle of them, as if they were cheaply made, oh wait, they were. I sprayed them with Mod Podge after also, but the one I have is Matt finish, probably would have been better with more shine, but that will do for now.  I looked at Gold spray paint at Joahn's the other day, and no way I'm paying $5.99 for it, I just used the paint for .99cents!
Now off to the next project, or maybe I'll just have a baby, we'll see!
PS: no, I didn't weave the wicker pumpkin, Mr. Target did a couple of years ago.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

47 days

33 weeks, the bets are open on how big Liam will be and when he will be here...

Reed is due at the same time as me, that's when he stops eating like two.

I like the fingers under his chin...little rascal!

He is 5lb 7oz right more hope of having a 7lbs baby this time, or EVER!!!!

All of my kids have their dad's toes, the one thing I didn't want them to have, everything else would be great, but the toes, really...this little guy is not exception!

But they all have my pretty lips...this one too :)

His nose was smashed up against my insides, it's not that fat really.

In love with him already.