Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A dream for Arizona

This is my paren'ts new creation.  I just thought all my Arizonian friends would love to see how some part of the world is so green on its own, without the $138/month for water usage :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up and about

Well, no, not really, but I wanted to let you all know that my other blog with the deals is up and running again. Since I'm home bound, might as well look at good deals I can send hubby get :) I just posted a few freebies, including a cute little plush poney for free.  Go check it out and keep it in your favs if you want. http://www.muchesdeal.blogspot.com/

I get my new boot tomorrow, whoop whoop!  I get my stiches out also, not so whoop whoop, more like yikes yikes.  I promise photos of the damage, so you've been warned! It's quite amazing how many things we take for granted in life, like TWO working legs and such!  I went to Target last night, it was not super comfortable, but I'm going crazzy staying on the couch all day, so that was our date.  I used their little electic chair, and I know many of you are soooo jealous of me just for that privilege!!!  I had put my crutches inside the basket, and sure enough, at the first turn down a crowded aisle, I took out a whole row of Littlest Pet Shop, killed them all!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A break in the Summer!

As you saw in the previous posts, we went to California for about 10 days.  We had a great time.  The appartment was old and not super, but look at the location:
From the kitchen, I'd say it's a beach view :)
Our is the little blue one in the back ground, between the two $4 millions beach front.

The BBQ was crap so we bought this fantastic pan, called a grilled cheese pan, but it can be used to grill 4 or 5 hot dogs at the SAME time! That was our 4th of July big meal :)

 We played Volley-ball
We played Football

We went skimboarding

We made new friends

We learned a new sport
And then, then, then, Mom had to learn a new sport

I had to try, it didn't look that dangerous, of course...and then, then, then

It doesn't look that bad, you say...oh yeah, look...

I had the whole "Baywatch" episode going. I fell, the Lifeguard came, called his buddy who came with the truck. I heard my tibia crack, I knew it was not a little ouie! They loaded me on their truck, up to where the ambulance was waiting (next to the two beach houses further up, not a long drive thank goodness!).  From there, up to Newport Beach Hospital.  I was admitted for a couple of days because, frankly, I had nowhere to go. Our beach apartment was just not possible and I was in pain.  Reed drove the kids partly home on the Saturday (I broke it on the Friday, about the last 15 minutes we were going to stay, we had started repacking everything to head home), his parents met him on the way.  He came back, packed the apartment and picked me and Alex who had stayed with my comatose self at the hospital.  The trip home to AZ was a blur, really. I saw the surgeon and had surgery. I'm going to be recovering now, that's all there is left to do.
Some good things about a broken leg:
Only shave one leg.
No gym for a while.
Everyone loves you, you can blame everything you say/do on the drugs.
The TV remote is yours.
You get a temporary handicap parking.

My brother asked Alex:" How's your Mom?"  His answer: "Horizontal"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Newport Beach Temple

Gosh, even the Temple looks on vacation! How beautiful, and the vegetation makes me want to pack my bags and move!

 I had a good idea with the door in the back, but obviously, I had no co-operation from my significant other!

Newport Beach

Our appartment is stinky and nasty. It dates back from 1964, looks like it and smells like it...but we are 50feet from the beach and Newport's beautiful sand.  The kids aren't complaining about a thing! And location really makes for the lack of comfort in the appartment.  On the plus side, we saw a random guy rollerblading while only wearing a Speedo Thong, and that, my friend, is all worth it! (no pix, sorry)

Legoland California

 Oh yes, it is dorky that I dressed them all in orange, but with a gang like that, it's easier to spot them in a crowd! Alex loved it ;)
Elly still crazzzy about giraffes!

 Probably the very few times that these two get along! Maddy is always Alex's ride buddy, she has no fear and goes on all the rides with him.
 We build it, yes we can.

A bit of a rest before more fun.

The REAL Bob!

 We finally got Elly to ride something!
Highlight of the day for Alex.

 Something else we built.
My favorite oranges!