Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monster Truck

This year, all my boys went to Monster Truck. Tommy was a little nervous, ya know, monsters and all! I did fine and enjoyed the show!  I stayed home with my girls and went to build-a-bear, much more up my ally!

 They met up with Uncle Jimmy and Paker.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pioneer Trek

 Alex went on our Stake Pioneer trek last week. It was a great experience for him.  He was one of the oldest, and we were told that he more than pulled his own weight!  We're very proud of him for being an example. He also provided comic relief, we were told! To copy his outfit: shirt and pants are a Goodwill Dollar Thursday deal.  Hat is Walmart. Suspenders are TRW Airbags.
 The "Jackson" family

 Always a musician.
 Yes, our religion is an organized one: organized back rubs!

I love this one.  He is writing us a letter, on his Home Depot bucket.  This was emotional for him.  We had written him a letter to be given to him during the trek.  His reply brought much tears to my eyes.  What a great kid he is.  I just love him to pieces! I'm proud of him!

Other blog

I started another blog to post good deals and reviews.  Since I sign up for a bunch of things that require me to write reviews in order to get free samples and such, I figured I'd create a new blog for that. I will also post links to great deals, and links to get free stuff, so check it out when you're bored!