Friday, September 18, 2015

And off to the mountains we go

We so love going to Show Low, it's close enough and much cooler than our summers here.

Obviously, we don't rough it, that thing has 2 TVS, a queen bed and the whole back is beds for the kids.  

S'mores anyone?

Ugh, dog breath...Buster, not me!

Of course, we had yet another child injured for that trip, thus the crutches.

Bridal Shower

What May come

We got a special visit for the whole month of May this year: right above my cute toes (when is blogger going to have a "crop" option for pictures?), Papy et Granny were here!!!  I love how they bring their own Legos and make a mess in my family room, geeeeze!

They might range from 1 to 21, they can still bond over throwing a ball on the roof of the house.

We had a special Birthday for the one born in 1970, I won't do the math, but that makes me closer to 50 than 40 now, but also that much closer to retirement.

It wouldn't be a true American trip with a visit to McDees!

Be still my heart, that kid !!!!

Neighbors for life, even if they go to 3 different schools!

 Liam got his permit and a job.
Look, I'm in charge of shopping here, let's go get a smoothie!

Me like my Granny

It's still not too hot for a bike ride, to go see Granny at her rental house

Stiped dress in the back, 8th grade graduation 

the 80's called, they want their headbands back

Katie saving her pennies to get married!

Two years ago, Elly got her tonsils out after school got out.  Last year, she got oral surgery.  This year, she got an ingrown toenail.  Really, I.cannot.wait. for next year!!!!

Love is in the air

And then this happened...all of a sudden, I was going to be a mother in lawwwwwww!!!

Cutest couple of 2015 though (and 2009 and 2010)

Our little neighbor is Canadian by blood and by sport. Nicky loves to play hockey when the weather permits.  I say "little" but the kid is 14 and very patient with my 9 year old!

 It's Birthday Time for Tommy! It does look like I'm airing out my old blankets but this was the bomb diggy dee party with a movie outdoors

Happy Spring

Happy End of the School Year!