Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to get good diapers for cheap...

I'm posting this on my blog, because I know a lot of you still have wee ones in skip to the cute smurf on the chair if you have no interest in buying diapers.............

  I just bought 156 Pampers for $21, yes, that's it.
Here is what you do:
Go to, search for amazon mom.
Click on the size and type of diapers you want.  It will show you a price, then there is a box to the right that says "delivery option and sign me up". Do that, you'll be in the Amazon Mom club.  This will give you a 30% discount on the diapers. 
It might also give you an option of $1.50 off (just click the coupon)
If you feel this is a great deal, than stop there.  Make sure you unsubscribe from the club, unless you like the convienience of the auto delivery, but I don't think you'll get another 30% off next time, just 15%.
If you want more savings, get another coupon.  Parents Magazine (on sale for $1.00 for 12 months sub. on with this code at check out K9B9J4H) has 20% off amazon momy in their magazines often. But, if you don't have a magazine with the coupon, you can buy one on ebay (do a search "amazon mom coupon").  I bought one for $2.35, recieved the code within minutes.  Now, the coupons you get from Parents have a letter assigned to them. I purchased a Y coupon.  Had I been able to find another letter coupon, like a U coupon, I could have used that one on top, another 20% savings.  You can use up to three coupons.  However, it didn't look like there were any other coupons available at this time.
Once you get the code, just copy it on your order with Amazon and off you go!
So recap: 156 count Pampers
Free shipping
-$12.26 discount
-$8.18 eBay coupon
-$1.50 Amazon Coupon
+ $2.35 eBay coupon
Total: $21.29, cheaper than the crappy diapers you could buy at Big Lots!!! (don't ever buy those, unless your kid poops his pants while you're there and you realize you didn't bring the diaper bag with you!!!)

Now, I'm hoping to get them for even cheaper in the near future, as in ZERO $$$ because I won't need to buy them anymore!  But we all know I'm not in control and that he is the boss!!!
...I realize this needs a clarification: the boss is Tommy, who's in control of what and where he does it, regarding his potty habits; NOT Reed who would decide to have another baby requiring diapers!!!!

Oh the blue frosting...makes him a real Belgian, because the Smurfs are from Belgium, did you know that?  Les Schtroumfs, bien sure que si, de Peyo!  but do they p...p blue too, bringing us back to the diaper issue (see, it all ties togethere here!).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Company of Heroes

My parents live near Bastogne. On December 16th, 1944 began one of the most decisive battle of WWII.  It was fought on my land.  The Americans saved my people from Hitler's last attempt at regaining control over the war.  I grew up hearing war stories, of my grand parents, living in fear of the V1 Bomb attacks over their city Liege, of my mom being born in the mist of a war, of my grand father being a prisoner of war in Germany and of my family's home destroyed completely by a bomb, killing my great grandma, her brother and a baby cousin.  WWII is big part of my life, and I will be forever grateful to these young innocent lives that gave their all so that I can be born in a country free of German dictator.

On a cold December day, veterans of the Battle of the Bulge reunite at the American cemetery in Luxembourg. Here, guarded by tall pines, rest the mortal remains of some 5,000 American boys who died fighting to liberate Europe. As the veterans reflect amidst the gently falling snow, their welling emotions confirm their often-stated belief: "The real heroes never came home." Here, they feel a presence, a warmth amidst the cold. Something tells them they are not alone and this silent reunion is not the last.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh coupons coupons coupons

I started doing more coupons.  I've always been good at clipping the Sunday ones, but this time, I am buying 3 sets of Sunday papers (some people go up to 6, but 3 is enough for me) and I signed up for a website that tells me what to clip and where to go.  But some of it is pure luck and savvyness too.  I realize that if you go to a store very late, the cashiers are tired, and even if you tell them they're charging you too little for an item, their response is always "bah, don't care, I'm tired"!
The total of this is less than $20.00, plus $2.00 and $10.00 coupons on next purchases.
  At Safeway: the cereal, the milk, the pop and the fruit snacks (4 boxes that I put in jar) and two loaves of bread (not shown, $1.29 each): $3.57 and $2.00 off my next order.  The Glade: free with coupon.
  The rest was CVS, but I forgot to put the $10 mascara in the picture, all for $15, with $10.00 off my next order.
Is it worth it to spend so much time getting ready to shop? I'd say yes!
This is of course one the best bargains, thus the blogging about it.  However, in the last month and a half, I've saved on average 65% of my bills, counting diapers and other misc, and a little more spending for Holiday dinners.  I think I'll get even better at it with time.
Best of all, I'm enjoying this new sport. If you work full-time, I'd say there is no way you can do this and keep your sanity.  But for me, this is a good time to be able to do this, as long as Basha's has free child care too!
I know there are a lot of places to go to, but I signed up with
You can also get free advice and list of coupons, plus daily deals emails from (like Children's place doing 15% everything, even clearance and free shipping with codes)