Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"some beach..."

You know that country song, when the singer is saying about bad stuff like going to the dentist and the dr starts to work on the tooth before it's asleep, then he says "some beach"...or when the guy in the Benz takes his parking spot...some beach.
Well, I sing that song a lot.
Today, Maddy was...hmmm, Maddy. I won't go into details, because I just don't want to relive it, but, ahhhh some beach!
Then poor Tomtom has a big cold, runny nose, more cranky...some beach!
Nicky asked 39 times for the sound to be "shut up"...which means "turned up" but that's how he says it, no matter how much we try to correct him... while WE were having dinner and he just ate pretzels for dinner...some beach!
Now here is my biggest beach request of the day. Again: MY blog, My vent...Here it goes.
The kids were at the park, and since Alex wasn't paying attention to Nicky very much, I decided that I'd better go hang out there too. When I got there, I saw Nicky, his soccer ball rolling away and a big German Shepperd going for the same ball as Nicky. I yelled "hey, who's dog is this?" Nicky got scared to death of that dog, being as big as him. The owner of the dog came and barked at me that it was his dog. I asked him to put his dog on a leash because first, it's the law and second, my kids are scared! Well, he told me not to start a neighborhood feud. I told him again that it was the law and that it wasn't safe. Even if his dog is his friend, it's not MY friend and I don't know what the dog's reaction will be to MY kids. He told me to go ahead and call the police, I said I would, and he said "yeah, it's 9-1-1 and why don't you have your husband come out and beat me up too" (the dude had a tank top and tatoos all over, like Reed is gonna come out and beat anybody up, that's so his style!!). Alex was hiding behind the slide, embarrassed I guess, but I was right and you know me, I wasn't gonna let it die quick. I stayed at the park, I was gonna leave right away, but then I thought :hey, it's my park too. His little girl came to me (and I know his wife, who's totally cool and puts the dog on a leash at the park, especially since she knows my kids are scared). She said "hi Mommy, can you put swing me". So I picked her up and pushed her on the swing. Now here comes the guy again, telling me to basically keep my hands of his kid, he can handle it. I was fuuuuuuuming. He never put his dog on a leash and just let it run in the park. Elly was up on the slide not daring to go near it. Nicky said "I skarwy dog". I finally unglued Nicky from the swing and told all the kids we were going home. I got home and did call the police. The lady on the phone was awesome: she said that I was ABSOLUTELY right, it is the law and he was ABSOLUTELY wrong. She asked me for his description, where the park was and where he lived. I didn't know where he lived excaclty; according to my girls: yeah, see so and so's house, well he's like on the other side, but not the side with the bushes, the other???? I wish I did know exactly, because I wanted the cops to come and knock on his door, darned!!!! I explained to the kids that what he did was wrong and that he was being mean to me. He was so rude: I'm a woman and he treated me like dirt. Thankgoodness Reed didn't come out at that time, the dude was an idiot. SOME BIG FREAKIN BEACH!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home alone...warning for atheists: it's a churchy post!

This afternoon, we had our Relief Society Women's Conference. Our stake was meeting at 4:00 and the broadcast started at 5:00. For some reason, I just wanted to just watch it on TV this time. I think I needed to be alone for a while, so Reed took most of the kids shopping, one went to the movies. I was thinking that maybe I'd rather go shopping with them or even go by myself and skip the meeting. But my guilt/conscience took over and I put BYU channel on. The minute it started, I could feel the holy ghost impact me. Having no one next to me, I cried as much as I wanted and cranked up the sound for the rest hymn like it was a Bon Jovi concert. I sang my little heart out like a groupie too. I took notes, like in college (you can test me later, I'll pass for sure, I got 4 pages of notes) that forced me to pay super attention too. I don't know if I missed out on anything from the Stake, but today, I had a great experience by staying in front of the TV, with my snacks, crying like I was watching a chick flick. And who said that TV was bad! It all depends on what you chose to do with your life, and where you want to go.
Today, again, I was proud to be a woman, proud to be a sister, a daughter and a mother. I am empowered by the words I heard this afternoon, I am grateful for those amazing speakers, their love and strength. When President Uchtdorf got up, I felt so much love for that man. His German accent brought back many happy memories of our life in Munich too.
If you want to know more about their talk, www.lds.org will have it on their site shortly. Most of my blogger friends are LDS, but some aren't and these are the kind of posts that probably have them roll their eyes or wonder what language I speak ;) But I hope they still enjoy reading them, because they know my faith is part of who I am...and they love me for me, Molly-Mormon and all :)

PS: I'm a little freaked out now, it's dark, there is a storm outside, the wind is making my house rock....hmmm okay Reed, it was nice of you to take the kids out, but now's time to come home, me no likey dark! Geeze, I'm even gonna wait to post this just in case somebody reads it (as if anyone else but my friends read my blog) and will see that I'm alone, and find my address, and come and attack me. I just set the alarm on, potential rapist, so if you come to kill me, it will beep and I will give them the wrong password when they call to check on me, so they'll send the police over, so there (yeah, I'm ready for Halloween stories!!!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

A new season!

Today is the new season for a bunch of shows. I don't watch anything in particular anymore. I used to watch too many shows with too much blood. I realized that everyday, there was a show with murder, s...x, blood and horror: Medium, CSI, Law and Order SVU, and so forth. So we got Dishnetwork so that I can watch Paula Dean murder herself with high fat and high blood...pressure! But I did used to like Heros. I kinda got tired last season with all the new characters not going anywhere and not meeting anytime. I gave it a try tonight again. I am so lost! But that's how NBC gets you, you end up the episode saying "WHAT???" and then tonight, they played another episode right after. So I gave it another try and ended up at 10:00 pm saying "WHAT???" so I'll watch next week, like a big dummy until the season is over, and I still won't understand anything and I'll wait till the next season to start so that I can get just as lost, yikes! And that's how fast life goes, trying to understand the heros around me, not getting it but hoping to get it next time :)
On another note, life could be worse: check out that family!
Yep, 17 kids and she's expecting! and no, they're not mormon, I don't think

Saturday, September 20, 2008

You're never too early

I love Halloween! Not just for the candies that I steal from my kids -although they are getting smarter with age and know which ones are the good ones, so they don't just give them to me anymore, bah I still got Tommy, he's clueless but so cute he'll get me good M&Ms and Snickers! But because behind Halloween here in the Hot valley, there is a promise that the weather is going to cool down. So I start looking for costumes early. I went to Old Navy and found a cute little Dragon. Tommy will be a skunk and I'll post pictures around the H day, just like every other blog on the planet with our cute little kiddos. But Nicky was so excited to wear his tonigh that I figured I'd take his picture quick: last year, I never had time to do it and his costume was off and full of chocolate before I could say Boo! I've been looking on E-bay and it's funny how most people will say "warm costume to keep your little ones nice and toasty". We don't need that here, they sweat all on their own. Nicky could really feel the heat in his costume, not because it's a dragon (nice punt) but because it's still freakin hot outside, yuck! It cracks me up how people will always truly believe that by September, the weather cools down. My Mom-in-law told me for so many years how it starts getting real nice in October (Humm, no Mom, love you, but my Halloween candles ALWAYS melt outside before they're lit, and the carved pumkins start caving in and rotting on the floor by November 1st at midnite if you leave it out too long). So I don't hope for a cool Halloween where my dragon, skunk, witch and undecided 8 yr old won't melt like Butterfingers left in your car in July, but I love it anyway.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I finished it! In a few days, just like a typical hooked-on phonics addic. I do go to a book club every month, and ever since I started going to one, it seems that I cannot read a book without having to talk about it to someone. Reed doesn't like to read, so if I want to discuss the book with him, I have to tell him about the book...it sort of looses it's charm! So I'll talk to myself here, and if someone wants to listen and comment, go ahead. If not, then I'm getting it off my chest!
My main concern with this last book was "is it really the last one?" I mean, (oh, and if you plan on reading the book and haven't yet, don't read my post cause you'll know the end) they end the book with "so they will attack us again and we'll be ready, and our little monster has lots to learn still...hint hint hint. And that Bella girl, she's something! Talk about bad sefl-estime. Here she is, attracting the most hottest vampirest in the worldest and she still doesn't believe she's a hottie. My hubby tells me I'm hot all the time, so I now start to believe him at times, come on, it goes to your head. And there she is, "whine whine whine, I'm so clumsy, boohooo, I'm so ugggly, and Eddie is so much better than me". She drove me nuts. When she goes hunting with her half blood sucking baby (btw, did anybody but me think about those diapers she had to change at first, hmmm and they say breastfed babies poopoos blow up everywhere, sorry, a little to discriptive there, you weren't eating, were you?) she says again "it's all my fault" when the Volturis come to pay them a visit. NO, it's not your fault, stop blaming the whole freeking book on yourself, what would we, pathetic blood-reading-thirsty humans, do if you had stayed at home and just go robb a blood bank? We were all waiting for the action, the kung-fu fighting (whowa), the fast running and the mind reading! So we are all grateful you're a kluts, Bella. Hmm, yes, I know she doesn't really exists, I'm just going along with the fantasy here!
Anyway, other than that, I enjoyed the book, it was a bit long, like the lasts Harry Potty books. I just wanted it to get to the point a few times along, but at the end, I went through withdrawl like a true addic when I had to close this LAST book.
Moving on, what shall I read next????

Friday, September 12, 2008

Simple. Clear.Arizonans Have The Opportunity To Say YES For Marriage

I'm not anti-gay or lesbian, frankly, I don't care what they do, what they think, AS LONG as it doesn't interfere with what I do and think. This law passed in CA and bishops are being sued because they refused to marry gay couples. The church's social services haved had to close because they refused to let gays adopt children through their agency. I adopted a baby through LDS social services, I can only imagine how devastating it is for couples hoping to adopt a child to hear that the agency is closing. This is an attack on what we believe. I've never attacked a gay person for what they believe, but they would attack me (well, not all of them, I'm sure it'a small portion). Whoever will ask an LDS bishop to marry them in a church building while they're gay exactly knows what they're doing, they know they'll be refused and can thus sue the bishop or the church. We need to prevent this from happening in AZ. No one ever dares to say that gays and lesbos make them eecky, well they make me eecky. I've had friends who are gay, I love them, but it's still eecky. So I support this law to protect me and my children from being forced to accept something we don't believe in!

This from the website:

Marriage between one man and one woman. Can it get any simpler than that? Prop 102 simply secures the definition of marriage through an Arizona constitutional amendment.
Prop 102 is 20 simple and clear words that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
A YES vote on Prop 102 does one thing and one thing only – defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the Arizona Constitution, the highest law in our state.
One man. One Woman. Prop 102. That's Marriage. YESforMarriage.comP.O. Box 24743Tempe, AZ 85285-4743email: info@YESforMarriage.comWebsite: http://www.YESforMarriage.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time Flies

I feel like a nut! I went to the carwash today. I was totally thinking it was "ladies day", with $2.00 off every Tuesdays! Well, today is Wednesday! WHAT????? It almost scared me! I missed a day! It flew by! I don't know if it's Monday or Tuesday, but one of them went missing! Now, it's happened before when you say" oh, what's today?" or "oh, yeah, it is Wednesday already"...but I swear, when the carwash guy told me that ladies day was yesterday, TUESDAY, I was about to argue with him to give me my $2.00 (isn't there a movie when the paper boy says "I want my two dollars") because there is NO WAY that today is Wednesday, because I'm a sane person and know which day today is! So it is now proven that lack of sleep is dangerous! Not only I have to retype every other words I type here (nice tie-pohs), think twice before I speak (put the food out of the cold thing into the beeping warmer thing before you put it in your eating thing) and count my kids to make sure they're all there (one, two, buckle her shoe... three, four, shut the door... five, six, got one too many), I now have to look at the calendar before I leave the house. So, friends, if you see me on the parking lot of the church on Monday morning, be kind, drive me home!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire a mon papa cheri

Le voila, l'homme responsable a part entiere de mon existence, c'est malin, hein!

Here he is, the man half-way responsible for my existence, way to go Papa!