Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tonsils, ughhhhh!

If you look in there, you will see a red gumball!  She couldn't eat popcorn, steak, and other food....soooo

Off to the hospital we went.  She went to Paramount Surgical Center, she got a bear to help. The staff was awesome...but it still hurts.  It's been almost a week, she's hungry but still can't eat much :((((

I can't wait to get my Elly back.  Look what a great future babysitter she'll be, here with her youngest cousin.


My brother in law, Rick as a company called Precious Packages in Utah (pass the word around).  He does mobile ultrasounds.  He was in town last week, so we got a peak at our baby at 19 weeks.  Tommy found it freaky, the kids are not as excited to have an alien for a brother.  But he is doing good, all is well with baby Oopsie.

Next ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

Bye bye preschool

My baby, the one I thought of for a long time as my baby anyway (dethroned in October), is done with Preschool.  He is ready for all day Kindergarten and I don't think I am!  I am so going to miss that kid. He says the funniest things!  He told me a few weeks ago, when he couldn't go to school because he was sick, to make sure to tell Mrs.Liz to tell the kids NOT to learn anything without him!  He recently taught me the difference between a turtle and a tortoise (turtles have no tails, in French, they're all "tortues" we make it easier for once).  He reminds me a lot of Alex, who was an only child for 7 years and thus talked like an adult by age 3.  Tommy spent his last 2 years with me only, so he'll say "besides" and "otherwise" quite a bit.
I spoil him, totally and I don't care.  The kids wanted a soda for snack the other day, I heard Maddy say "hey, Tommy, you're mom's favorite, ask her if we can"...I don't have favorites, but he is the only one to still snuggle with me and admires me without judgement!
I can already hear it now: "what, Tommy got a post to himself and it's not even his birthday", blah blah blah
Kindershore, class of 2013

End of school, oh yeah!!!

We are done, done, done! Was it a long year or what? Well, no, not for me, but I remember thinking as a kid that school would never end.  
We had Margaret Thatcher for a guess in our home a few times, right before school ended.  She was part of the wax museum at Cortina.  She looks all grown up, she even did her British accent, pretty cool ;)

Now this cracks me up! Only in AZ!!! Elly in her warmest pj ever after swimming in our cold pool (it's warmer now) and Indi in her swimsuit!!! Love those girls!!!

Nicky got a price for a writing contest at school.  He got Honorable Mention, we didn't even know he was part of the contest!

I did my toes (I have NEVER had a pedicure, I'm way too cheap and enjoy doing my own, I know, I know, I heard it's fantastic, but with a partially numb toe from surgery, I don't trust them little Asian people...)

What school doesn't end with a sign'a ton! I was too lazy/nauseous to get up and go take a close up, but I saw him good, trust me!

And now that school is out, we have plenty of time to practice skating, sock, no sock, flip flops or not, whatev'!

This is just Buster, sniffing the left over Chicken Nuggets on the dinner table.  He never dared to jump on the chair though, good dog...but how he was tempted!

We like to share in our family, and I am so generous, that I let Reed share my day!  But it ended up being everyone's day when we got to talk to our favorite Elder for 2 hours on Skype! I love technology, don't you.  Phones are great, but seeing Alex for 2 hours was great. And even more for him, for the boys to get to show him their new Legos or whatever else, that was just perfect! I'm grateful to his mission president for allowing those two hours. He has been pretty great about letting the missionaries use Web cafes for 2 hours too, thus the long emails we get with all the pictures.  Now the mail is a different story.  It only takes about 1 week or less for his letters to get to us, but it took forever for him to get ours, since it gets stuck at the mission office until someone delivers them.
It was a great day, even if at church, they asked me to give a talk two weeks later, ugh!!!
We went to Grandma's house in Surprise for dinner and Reed has his first very own Pinata, he didn't even let the kids it hit once, but he shared the candies though!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the world!
Best TV show ever, live from Kiev!

Alex was even there to open presents

Brotherly love

Letter with fun little Ukrainian papers, including MONEY (worth about .25c)

Look at him go, sharing his candies