Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Mama, give her a break

In case you are not sick of this story yet, I had to blog about Octomom! I have mixed feelings about the situation, as many of us do. She's whacked, no doubt, but does she truly deserve all the crap she's been getting? Here is a woman who decided that she couldn't give up embryos because she considers them to be all already babies. So she has them, all, at once, with no dad around, to add to 6 other. She made a decision, HER decision. Was is a good decision, probably not, knowing her circumstances. Was it motivated by the right elements? Is she stable? Who knows. But let's not forget that that decision was about babies, about having children, about love. And that it is too late, the fact is here: she has 8 new babies, with tons of medical problems (although 3 of them are coming home in a couple of weeks) to add to her 6 other young children. She loves those kids, she is a good mom to them because she's devoted to them.

A journalist has said that some people act as if she was the worst truant in our world and responsible for our economic fall out! She didn't cause the banks to crash and she is not responsible for global warming. It should be such a private matter: her decision to have babies. So many people are afraid of having to support her financially, that their precious tax dollars are going to help her feed her children! Is that truly the worst place for our tax money to go to? Would you rather have it go to bankers that spent it in Spas in Scottsdale? It is really sad to see how selfish and obtuse people can become to her when it comes to "sharing" their tax money. As if everyone on medicare or food stamps was deserving of it! Most are, but some aren't. Do we pick and chose based on their ethical decision? That's the part that bothers me. I can see why people don't think she'll be able to take care of all of them. Dr. Phil had a special show about it (there are quite a few people that benefit from her story, but she won't see a dime from that, and I don't think TMZ and the tabloids are feeling a bit of shame for it). He had 3 women carry all the carseats that Nadia will need for her kids: quite impossible of course. So we have established that taking care of 14 kids alone will not be a walk in the park. But, then heaven forbid that she gets any money from strangers! If anything, people can at least think about the kids. Do they not get to eat because their mom chose to have them? And then she reportedly went to shop for fancy lipstick while her house is foreclosing...have you seen her lips, can the lady have one lipstick with her to cover those suckers up! She didn't buy a Porsche, she shopped for lipstick people.

I don't know why she made that decision. But I at least wanted to write about how I felt about it, how her mistakes and decisions are being taken on personally and with anger by so many people! Let them cast the first stone, and they do! Give her a break!

She has a website, asking for donation, of course. I didn't donate anything, my tax $ will one way or another ...and I don't mind!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Elder Inman

Alex has received the challenge to live like an LDS missionary for a week. So no TV, no PC and he has to cook for us at least one day. Somehow, texting is okay, because apparently, Elders can text (whatever). But, he did make dinner for us, our typical Sunday dinner: Biscuits and Gravy, and scrambled eggs. I wasn't allowed to help, only verbally. He did pretty good, I think it'll be his new job for us: Sunday diner. It was perfect for today since I have the flu and wasn't going to make any food for them anway.

The gravy
The proud chef

Thank you Elder Inman

Just like Mom makes 'em

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The hidden heart

Do you ever feel like you take so much abuse from your kids? I know all of you just nodded your head in a very positive way. I was just reflecting on it this morning, while Nicky was ordering me around. I can see where Tommy bosses me around, he's only a baby and has needs that I can only provide (like a boob), and he cannot talk yet. So at that age, I forgive him easily for being a chef. But then I look at the others, who should be old enough to become less selfish and demanding. Granted, they do ease up with age, I might even admit that Alex is almost starting to think that I might have feelings and needs to, so there is hope. Maddy and Elly are getting there, especially Elly who is very sensitive and makes sure she compensate for others' bad behavior: I'm telling you, the longer the other kid's horns grow, the bigger Elly's halo gets!
So yes, my morning reflection was all about Nicky. It never seize to amaze me how temperamental that child is. Things have to be a certain way, or the world falls appart. "It's my way or the highway", that expression never fit anyone better than Nickster. Then, to top it all, he pees and poops his pants! So, why do I love him so? I did ask myself that question this morning. He bosses me around, orders me around, has tantrums, is a picky eater, why why why do I love him? Would I be one of those women who gets beat up everyday by her husband and still stays in the relationship? I don't think so, I usually don't take crap from people. So the answer must be in that motherhood magic that was bestowed upon me with each child. It's that fairy mother dust that we get sprinkled with when we lay eyes on our child for the first time. It's that hidden secret unconscious second heart that we grow while expecting a child, the one heart that can take abuse and make it into excuses, that can take laziness and turn it to patience, that can take selfishness and transform it into hope for the future. I have that second heart, I must have one so that my main medically recognized heart doesn't give out at the sight of pee on the floor again, dirty dishes un-rinsed lost in the sink, unrecognizable white socks roaming the bathroom floor and chocolate encrusted in the new carpet. It takes a good solid heart to raise a child, that's why we mothers have a second secret one as a back up, I'm sure of it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My new baby

So I decided that it was time to have a new little one in our home. Reed was very helpful, and we ended up trying together to figure out which way to go. We researched the internet, asked a few people for their opinion. We slept on it too. At the end, we both agreed to call him Acer, but we wanted him to be white, this one is more for me than for the whole family.

It arrived today, all shiny and cute. I love his petiteness, his cuteness, his handiness
Let me introduce you to Acer Aspire One, 2lbz 2 oz, 8.9 inches diagonal, 16GB.
What did you think I was talking about?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's still winter somewhere.

For Valentine's day, we had a very intimate date: we took 6 kids to go play in the snow on the Mogollon Rim. We had our 5 and a friend of Alex. It was great fun. The little boys had never seen snow and the bigger kids had forgotten much about it. I was happy to leave it behind at the end of the day though. I realize how much of an Arizona girl I have become! I love this State, a bit less in July and August, but I love it. You can drive 2 hours and be in a beautiful and refreshing area...and go back to the Valley for the warmth anytime. I think I'll stay another 16+ years. I just sent in my application for citizenship too. I hadn't done it yet because I didn't want to lose my Beligan citizenship (and my kids would have lost theirs too). But about 1 1/2 yr ago, Belgium changed their laws, and I can now become American AND remain Belgian (not for the US, they don't recognize dual citizenship, but Belgium does, and that's what matters). So I filled out the application asking me if I was an habitual drunkard, or part of the Nazi Party, or if I had any plan to overthrow the government. I sent in my pictures/mug shot (I refused to smile) and my $$$$ check (someone's gotta pay for the wall they put up on the border). I now have to wait for them to contact me to be fingerprinted. I will have an interview and a test to take, and then will be able to get a blue passport like the rest of the family (Belgium's is burgundy).
Here are the picture of our trip yesterday:

Friday, February 6, 2009

I gonna go on ckoowl busssz

Nicky went to Mrs. Melissa's art school today for the 1st time! He did great. He kept saying he was going to go on the school bus. I explained to him that I would be the bus, with the red car. But on our way there, we were following a school bus, so he said "hey wait, ckooowl busss, wait a me". He seemed a little shy at first in the class, but I left him (without a tear from him or me) and he did awesome. Great first experience for both of us ;) He even got to pet a bunny rabbit called "Nicky", a bit more furry than him, but very soft and cuddly like my Nicky.

I don't want to forget these, so I'm Here are a few things that Nicky says over and over:
Reed to me: "are you going to take Nicky to school?"
Nicky to me: "I don care, you can take me, I don care"
"I such a big boy"
If you ask him where something is, his respond is: "up there, byyyy'e couner" since most of the time, things ARE on the kitchen counter. If he has an ouie, you ask where it hurts, "up there, byyy'e couner".
"You found my Wawee": we had lost his stinky Lion and then found it. Turns out it was in the dryer and I had forgotten that I had washed it. Nicky named him Wawee after we called it "lion" forever, so Wawee it became.
"To fee beyeah" : to Infinity and Beyond, by Buzz Lightyear.
"I'wan Sombeam": we sing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam" every day before nap and before night time.
When Alex was about two, I was doing laundry and he asked" I youpee you". It took me a while to understand, but he meant "can I help you". We still say that, along with "dink a pop", "stunky dunky".
How I love my wee ones ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New shed

The boys built a shed during Christmas break, it's of no interest to any of you, but since this blog is also my journal, I wanted to add these pictures in here. Reed designed it all, planned it all and did most of it. Alex and his friend Joe Jenson (always there to lend a hand, the best kid ever! with Alex of course) helped him quite a bit. They did the roof shingles all crooked so Reed had to start over, but other than that, they were great help. It' s short, because our HOA doesn't allow it to stick over the fence unless you paint it like your house and have a tile roof like your house and bla bla bla, so we just made it short. It works. Thanks Reedee for being so crafty!