Friday, September 18, 2015

And the catch up continues

I do have a pretty sweet life, I must admit.  I complain about things a lot, mainly to my poor husband who is the best guy in the world for putting with my nagging, but I do have it good.
Best part of having a 1st grader (remember, this is still early 2015) is having much better teeth than him!

Boosterthon Jogathon give me a dollar-thon

Getting bigger and bigger. He still wasn't really walking quite yet in February

Remember how I was saying that I had a great husband, well there, he did this (with the help of a friend who must remain anonymous) just for MOI

such a fat face picture of me!But happiness non the less.

Alex was visiting Katie in Washington DC at that time.  Elly herself found their ring for $6.99 (no they didn't get engaged at that time, but all knew what was coming).

We took a trip to Hawaii ...and made a cake there.  Or we had a Hawaiian themed Blue and Gold Banquet in celebration of the Cub's scouts.

That was our February 2015

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