Friday, September 18, 2015

Camping Season started in April

As the dark dirty knees indicate it, Liam is still crawling a lot at this time.  He was walking but crawling was sooooo much faster, who can blame him. I have found myself that crawling can be faster then getting back up, but mainly because I'm getting older and that the floor is farther and father from my head every year.

Tommy had a sling, he likes to injure himself and keep my HSA account as low as possible, I enjoy copays.  It didn't break but using your elbow to cushion your fall from the swings is just not a great idea for sure.

This is camping for Liam, nothing has changed for him, it's just one other place to watch TV

Sometimes they like each other, rarely.

Is she singing or yawning? I don't recall but I love putting a really bad pix of my teenager, she'll never know because if it's not on Instagram, she won't see it!

Seriously, the Easter Bunny rocks. He came during the night in our trailer, no one heard him, no skunks caught him or bears ate him.

My Easter Bunny

"I need 14 hours of sleep a day"

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